Sloan Silva

Four queer astronauts crash onto a tropical planet and get rescued by the beautiful 7 foot tall worrier women

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Coming out of cryo-sleep was never fun. The feeling of the tube sliding out of your throat, the aching muscles, the headache. Dear god, the headache. It felt like someone was doing construction in your head. The overwhelming neausia from the cryo-fluid. It was a bitch, but necessary. I slowly opened my eyes and immediatly closed them again. The light was hardly blinding but felt like i had looked into the sun. trying again, a little at a time, i finally managed to open them enough to see.

The smooth metal of the cealing, the controll panels all lit up, the table with its four chairs in the center of the room. The sounds of the others coughing. Struggling to sit up i looked at them. Arya our coms operator was heaving over the side of her sleep chamber, a pool of clear liquid forming around the base. Becca our medical officer was sitting beside her rubbing her back. Our captain, Clarke, was already up, doing stretches. The sound of her joints popping echoed through the small space. groaning i swung my legs over the side of my chamber and tried standing. my legs screamed in protest and my knees poped and my head swam, but i stayed up.

bracing against the wall i slowly walked over to the breakfast station. i wasn't hungry but coffee always helped. it took longer than usual for the bar to wake up and start the coffee but then again it had been a few months. while the coffee was brewing i made my way to the door that seperated the main chamber from the small med bay, and most importantly, the shower. pressing the controll pad the door opened with hardly a whisper and as i stepped through it closed behind me. the med bay was small, only a few cabinets of supples, med pod, and a shower. i stripped off my paper bra and underwear and dropped them into the trash. there was a control panel by the shower and as i set my preferences there was a groan as the pipes started to work.

hot water started gushing from the shower head and i stepped in. a moan of pure joy escaped me and i leaned into the water letting it wash away the filth of cyo-sleep. i wished i could stay under the water forever but we only got ten minutes of hot water each so i had to hurry. lather, rinse, repeat. it took a few washes before the tangles in my hair were loose enough to comb through. the warm water was helping the tight muscles in my legs. as the beep of the sixty second warning sounded a gush of cryo-fluid came pouring out of my mouth. i doubled over and heaved until nothing more caame up. this was the worst part about cryo-sleep. vomiting reminded me of drowning and drowning was my worst fear.

when everything was up i had a few seconds left to rinse my mouth before the water turned off. stepping out i found someone had brought my uniform; dark pants, grey shirt and my boots. the boots weren't regulation but i managed to convince mission control to let me bring them. they were the best shoes i had ever owned. black with zippered sides and buckles, they came up to mid calf and felt like walking on air. the sound of the zipper made happy juice in my brain. going back to the others i was surprised to find that Becca had made an actual breakfast. the smell of rehydrated eggs and bacon greated me. my coffee was also done and i grabbed four cups and the pot and headed to the tablewhere the otheres were already eating. setting it down i slid into my seat where a plate of food was waiting for me. a small packet was sitting beside my spork.

"is that syrup?" i asked amazed. i loved bacon dipped in syrup.

"sure is, i found some hidden in with the oatmeal." Becca's voice had a note of suspicion in it but her face was amused.

playing innocent i said, "i have no idea how it got there." i opened the packet and poured out the sticky treat. i dunked my bacon in it and popped it into my mouth. my eyes closed in pure bliss i sighed happily as the other laughed. we ate in silence,nothing but the sound of chewing and slurping. it was pretty gross but after a year of living together we didn't mind anymore. no surprise Clarke was the first done and after cleaning her dishes went to shower. i was done next having eaten like a heathen, i guess i was hungry. i got up and cleaned my things and headed to the ships controls.

pulling out my chair i sat and typed in my authorization commands. the small screen in frontof me glowed to life and i quickly ran a systems check. there were a few anomolies but everything seemed in working order. water, air and the lifesupport systems were online. i tried to raise the shield covering the front window but it wouldn't budge. next i tried the cameras on the outside of the ship but they were black. as i was going through the systems Clarke came back and stood behind me watching the screens.


"everything looks normal, but i can't raise the shield or get the outside cameras to work."

"any idea where we are?"

i typed some commands and was shocked by the answer. "ummm, well, i can definatly say that we are not home."

"what does that mean?" Arya asked. i hadn't even noticed the others had come over.

"it means i dont know where we are. i dont recognize the solar system the computer is saying we are in." i typed some more. "wealso arent moving."

"so we are floating dead in space?" Clarks voice was hard.

"in a maner of speaking. this says we are on a planet. one capable of supporting life." i hoped so anyway. i needed to get outside and see the damage to the ship and get us out of here. "i need to do a space walk camptain. or rather, a planet walk i guess."

"absolutly not."

"all do respect captain i need to see the outside of the ship. hopefully its just a blocked shield compressor and then we can getout of here."

"i was going to say, absolutly not without backup. we are all going except Arya. she can keep tabs on us from in here." that worked for me.

"lets go then.no time to waist." i got up and headed to the decompression chamber. putting on the space suit seemed silly when we werent even in space and the computer did say that it was oxygen rich planet. the others followed and Becca handed me an ear piece and Arya asking if i copy. "copy" i replied. when we were ready Clarke locked us in and turned to the outside door. putting her hand on the panel the door started to open and warm air flowed in. tthe door got stuck about half way and we ducked to get out. we stopped in awe at the lush greenery outside the ship. vines and flowers were everywhere. the sound of water trickling and birds was like music. there was a small rise and i made my over to it and climbed to the top.

"wow" i whispered. spead out below me was a valley. probably only a few miles long and wide it was surrounded by mountains. there was a small river running though it and it looked like there were buildings by it. i turned to call for the others when the ground seemed to open and i was falling over the side of the cliff.

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