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A collection of Short Erotica Stories of forbidden sexual desires and taboos. Get a taste of the forbidden fruits of desire.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The Babysitter I Couldn't Resist

As a 16 year old boy i should have been outside fucking around with my friends on a normal Saturday night, but noooo not me i was grounded and on house arrest for the summer due to some trouble i had gotten into. My Grandmother wanting to go out and enjoy her evening at the bar decided to hire the sexy Hispanic 21 year old neighbor katie to watch over me for the night until she got home for $25 plus pizza and wings. Katie agreed being she was just recently dumped by her asshole boyfriend and was all in a funk. Lets just say i took full advantage of that situation. i had had a crush on katie since we had first moved in. I honestly drooled when she said hi to me i was in full on lust mode when i seen her. and i finally had the chance to at least converse and get to know her. we had watched a movie and talked for about an hour before i strait up confessed i had liked her and i wanted her to be my first. then i made my move.

I put my arms around her and kissed her full on expecting to be slapped, but instead she kissed me back, while kissing her i whispered i want you bad, i want you now, just fuck me katie please. katie responds back with i want you too, i want you inside me but you are still young. I tell katie its fine i wont say anything, i have been dreaming about this moment. I took off katies shirt and Bra admiring her sexy bronze skintone. Kissing all over her breasts and neck, slowly running my hands all over her body. i pause a moment to take off my shirt and pants before lay her down kissing her down towards her belly button. i can feel the pleasure running through her body with every soft moan and tremble. i unbuttoned her pants and slowly took them off her and then began kissing from her navel area towards her very warm, wet and tight pussy that i am massaging through her panties. I then began kissing and nibbling her pussy through her panties. she says hold on and takes of her panties fully and lays back down on the couch. i begin eating her out again, while passionately caressing and gripping her thighs and legs. about 15 minutes into eating her out. i tell her lets swich and she can sit on my face while i continue with my snack she can warm up my hard throbbing cock with her mouth. Ohh the feeling of her slowly licking around the tip of my cock before she slowly took all of me into her mouth over and over, man that still tingles my balls.. we ended up in this position for about 20 minutes more before she had an orgasm all over my face.. mmmm that sweet and salty taste of her female ejaculate drove me wild and i moaned out i want you now and i bent her over the arm of the couch and slowly penetrated her throbbing tight, warm wet pussy with my cock. With every thrust it felt like i was in heaven hearing her soft moans and yes fuck me, fuck me's after about 10 minutes i couldn't control it anymore and i blew my load deep inside her ass i wiggled and tryed to get deeper. As i moaned out ohh shit that fucking felt great. Oh My God i wanted you for so long as i kissed her again and again on the lips as we were getting dressed hoping we wouldn't get caught in the act of coveted sin, a forbidden act frowned apon by society. I mean whats the harm in a young boy getting his rocks off with his sexy adult Babysitter.

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