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Freedom, Liberty and Justice! For Who?

How can America be a free Country when we have the Highest Population per capita of Incarcerated Citizens in the entire world? Its because when Slavery ended there were just whispers about it but after world war 2 there was a plan to enslave every man woman and child on the planet. The United States has the highest level of taxation in the world i mean The US taxes us on income we earn, they tax us on the income we spend, and then turn around and place quarterly or annual taxes on assets that we purchased and paid tax on or how about the Healthcare and Educational System that is designed to keep you enslaved for decades paying off healthcare bills and Student loans. How About the High Costs of Living, but extremely low wages the majority of tax paying americans currently live with.

The American Justice System, is Corrupted and Racially Unjust. The US has spent $51Billion Tax Dollars Annually for the last 60+ years on a failed drug war that disproportionately affects the poor and impoverished areas with high numbers of black and Hispanic citizens. Then we turn around and spend another $81Billion on mass incarceration of citizens who are convicted of crimes most of the time minor non violent drug crimes or illegal immigration. These prisoners are held in private prison contracted by the state to hold inmates and force them to work under convict slavery laws in the prison industrial complex doing everything from making inmate clothing, furniture, to plumbing and electrical to cut costs and keep the money coming in. That's $132Billion Tax Dollars Wasted every year locking people up.

Americas Economy is in shambles its the worst it has ever been At $24 Trillion Dollars in debt and rapidly climbing. When America walked away from the the gold backed dollar and started being able to just print money almost out of thin air at anytime is when America started a downward spiral into financial ruin. Americas politicians and most political offices and government municipalities are bought out by corporate lobbyists and wealthy elites who don't even pay their fare share in taxes but pay campaign donations to push thier hidden agendas and sway laws in thier favor all while making While Americans end up paying the costs for the bad decisions.

America in my mind would benefit greatly if we minded our own business, completely reformed the Justice, Immigration, Health and Education systems, If we Legalize, Tax and Regulate all drugs and prostitution, and if we taxed everyone equally at 6-7% and mad the wealthy pay thier fare share, America would Be out of debt in 2-4 years and into the greatest Financial Surplus in the world. We could Create and Fund Civil programs that benefit the community and infrastructure. Programs like Free Universal Healthcare and Education, A Universal Basic Income of $2000 a month for all Citizens making less than $50k annually and $1500 for those making less than $100k annually. We could keep up regular maintenance on the infrastructure, and so much more. America Can Be Great again but We The People need to take action and make it better again!!!

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