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Casimir Kismet is just your regular weeb who has a hobby of cosplaying, has a loving adorable little sister, supportive parents, and friends with a common hobby as him. An ordinary but content life if he must say. But, not anymore. Everything changed when he got involved in a disastrous dilemma of getting summoned to another world by a federation of shady cultists declaring their goal to conquer the world and him as their ultimate weapon, at the same time, he obtained a skill that gave him the ability to copy skills by just seeing them cast. Can the Shady cultists get a hold of him? Can his arrival make a great difference in the current situation of this new world? Or he is just a stray boy lost in this massive and harsh world who needs to fight his way through in order to survive? His journey is about to begin. But before that, let me tell you this fair warning. Don't show him your skills.

Fantaisie Épique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © Anti_Fairytale

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Chapter 1: Casimir Kismet

I walked down the stairs, and put my hand on my forehead while menacingly looking at the 3 people standing a meter away from the 3 step stone staircase.

"I am the demon lord Casimir Kismet! I have come with the grand quest of conquest! Filthy humans, bow down before me!" I raised my hand towards them.

The next thing I heard was their claps while looking at me with enthusiasm.

"You look so cool, big bro!" Said my beloved little sister Irina while clapping.

Of course, it should look cool, the quality of this demon lord costume should be worth the price I paid. I worked a part-time job for this shit!

Dark blue thick long sleeves, black pants, and combat boots, metal vambrace, and greaves for the fantasy effect and the cherry on top, a cape, and fingerless black biker gloves!

"Fool, your compliments do not affect me!"

Irina ran towards me and grabbed my arms. "Picture." She waved her hand to call for dad and mom.

Just like me, she has black hair and black eyes, same goes for my dad and mom, but I'm more similar to mom and Irina is to dad.

Dad and mom quickly ran to join us while mom was holding her phone to take a groufie.

"Smile," Mom said before clicking the camera.

I raised my peace sign while looking at the camera.

"Ah, I forgot something." Mom went upstairs leaving only the 3 of us taking some pictures.

After some time, mom came back holding something and put it in my head. A headband with a brown sheep-like horn.

"There you go, you are now a full-fledged demon lord, Lord Casimir." She said with a big smile on her face.

I scratched my head. "Thanks, mom."

"Dad, mom, big bro, smile!" Irina announced before clicking the camera.

After a few picture takings, someone knocked on our door. I walked towards it and opened the door.

Standing in front of it were my 2 friends, Dylan and Edward waving their hands on me.

Dylan was wearing a mage costume complete with a brown mage robe and a wooden staff.

And Edward on the other hand was wearing a rogue costume, complete with a black face mask, cape, and daggers dangling on his waist.

"Oh, that looks cool, Casimir!" Dylan said while nodding.

I opened the door wider and let them get in.

"You are really prepared for this cosplay con, huh? Who are you cosplaying this time? A demon lord?" Edward asked while checking out my costume.

"Yes, a powerful one, I'm surprised you didn't know about him! He is so OP!"

To be honest, I didn't cosplay as anyone this time, I just decided to make this costume because it looks cool!

Upon seeing my parents and my little sister, both of them bowed their heads as a courtesy. "Good morning, auntie Frida and uncle Axel."

"Hi, Dylan."

"Hi... Irina."

"Oy, Dylan, don't make that face while talking to my little sister." I said jokingly.

Dylan just chuckled.

"Boys, go in the middle, I'll take pictures of you." Mom said while holding her phone camera on us.

And as good boys that we are, we struck some glorious poses while my mom and little sister were taking some pictures.

After taking some pictures, we finally decided to leave and go to the mall where the cosplay convention was currently taking place.

Upon arriving, thanks to dad driving us here, we could already see an abundance of people at the entrance with their costumes.

The sun was shining through the place but it didn't bother the attendees.

They were cosplaying different anime characters, most of the characters were familiar to me.

This place is what I called, my paradise!

"Sometimes, I get envious of you, Casimir, by just seeing your parents being supportive of your unusual hobby."

"I'm just lucky, I guess? It just happened that both mom and dad are very supportive."

We reached the gathering and conversed with our friends who were attending the cosplay con as well.

And as expected, some strangers came and took a picture of us. One of them came to me and took a picture with me.

"Your costume looks lit! Who are you cosplaying to?"

"Demon lord Casimir."

She narrowed her eyes and looked at me. "Who?"

After a few hours and taking pictures with my friends and strangers, I decided to go to the comfort room to take a break.

Upon entering, there was no person inside beside me, even all the stalls were empty. After taking a pee, I walked towards the huge mirror and checked my costume out.

"To bring chaos to our foolish adversaries."

What's that?

Did I just hear someone talk?

That's a voice of a man.


I checked the stalls one more time but there was no one.

"Unleash your fury and bring relentless devastation in this world."

There were two of them talking now.

I don't know what it is, but it sounds like very bad news.

I proceeded to walk out of the comfort room but something immediately stopped me from doing so.

A red light circle appeared on the floor around me.

"The hell is this?"

I tried to step out from the red light but something was stopping me to get out, like an invisible barrier.

I tried to kick it but it had no effect.

"Come forth and serve under us, your new masters!" There were more of the voices now!

"The fuck?"

The red light turned white and covered the entire place with blinding light.

The light was so bright that I had to cover my eyes or I would probably turn blind.

What the hell is happening?

After a few seconds.

"It worked!"

"We actually managed to summon one!"

The blinding light finally disappeared, I slowly opened my eyes and what greeted me was a dark room with only the small lamps on the wall as the main source of light.

What caught my eyes were the 10 people standing a few meters in front of me who were currently in the middle of the room.

All of them were looking at me with great smiles on their faces.


[Skill [Jack of all trades, master of none] was acquired.]

What is that voice?

The hell is happening?

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