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I run straight through the woods, running away from him. "Riley!" He calls as he chases after me. He should already be in front of me. I shake my head, tears falling down my face. I stop and start to feel like I'm falling. "No!" Was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

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Mystic Falls

         "Hurry  up, Riley. You're gonna miss your plane." My brother, Steven, tells me as he bangs on my door. "Oh, hush, Steven. I'm trying to put my shoes on." I scoff at him. He sighs dramatically.  I roll my eyes and open my door as soon as I got my converse on.  "About dang time, Riles." I roll my eyes again and brush past him. "Uh, your suitcases?" He asks. "It's already waiting by the door. You're a little late for that, don't you think." I smile even though I have my back to him.  "Whatever." He mumbles.  Grabbing my suitcases and my keys, I head out the door and to my 67 black Chevy Impala. "Yo, Riley." Steven calls, "Pop the trunk." I set go around to the back and open the trunk. I set my suitcases in and my brother follows after. When he's done, I shut and lock the trunk. Steven sighs and hugs me. As I hug him back, he kisses my forehead. "I'm gonna miss you." He tells me. "I'm gonna miss you too. I should get going. "I say, stepping back from him. "Yeah, you should. Bye, sis." Steven says, heading back into the house. "Bye, bro." I whisper  when he's in the house.  I get in my car and pull out of the driveway. Now, my new life starts.

      Getting on the plane was easy enough, finding my seat wasn't. I couldn't find it. A flight attendant showed me to my seat. "Here you go. " She tells me politely. I smile and thank her. She smiles back. Yay! I think to myself, A window seat! I smile to myself and look out the window. "Do you know when the plane lifts off?" I jump slightly in my seat and turn to look at the person next to me. "I-uh.." I start to say and then I look down at my phone, " Should be in a few minutes." I look back up at him. "Great. Did I startle you?" He says with a small smile. I nod slightly, "Sort of. I didn't see you or hear you. So I guess, you did." I smile lightly. He nods. "I'm Stefan and this, "He waves to the person in the seat next to him, "is Damon, my brother." I nod and turn my head back to look back out the window. I can't help but hear them whispering. "Why would you leave Elena there with Catherine, Damon?" Stefan asks his brother. "Because, even though we can't trust her, doesn't mean I can't come and save you." Damon whispers back. Stefan sighs. "I could have saved myself. Why are we on a plane?" I look away from the window and at the boys. Damon moves his eyes to look at me. I feel my face get hot. I arch my brow at him and he moves his eyes back to his brother. "You know Catherine?" I ask them. Stefan turns around and looks at me. I smile and continue, " She came and visited me saying that I had to come to Mystic Falls. I don't know why I am here though but I am. I'm pretty sure I said no though. One minute, she was telling me to come to Mystic Falls and next minute, she was gone." I take a breath after saying all of that. They both looked at me curiously. I wave my hand in front of their faces and Damon grabs my wrist. I shoot him a glare. "Don't ever do that." Damon tells me in all seriousness. I roll my eyes and yank my hand back from his grasp. "Well, don't just sit there and stare at me. It's not cool. It is actually kind of rude." I say with attitude. "Well maybe you-" Damon starts but he gets cut off by Stefan. " Not today, Damon." He warns his brother. Damon rolls his eyes, " Fine. I'm going to take a nap then."  We both nod at Damon. I look back at Stefan, " I'm sorry if it seems weird that I am talking to you about Catherine right out of the blue. But I heard you guys mention her so I just got curious." He nods, "No, no. It's fine. Now that I know that you know have met Catherine or you know who she is, I was wondering if she would remember you." I nod, "Yeah. And if we discuss this any further, I'd say, why don't we enjoy the peace a quiet away from her til we get there." He gives a light laugh, "Sure, sure." I smile and fall asleep against the window.

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