writer93 Julien H.

Tina ist eine weltberühmte Detektiven, die unter dem Namen „Conan" arbeitet.

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She grabbed her Jaguar's car keys and walked through the front door. World-famous detective Tina, known only by the synonym «Conan» , scurried past her dark red lincoln roses when she heard a strange ringtone. „What is this?” . She paused. She noticed a prepaid cell phone buried deep in her right coat pocket, now vibrating in her hand. „That's not my phone” she stated unquestioningly. There was no caller by name or any other indication of who owned the phone. So she picked it up.

„Hello?” she announced. „Conan!” let out a garbled voice. „Who...” the unknown caller cut her off immediately. „You have twenty-four hours to complete the task”. „ta..” he overrode her again. „Left coat pocket” he pointed out and ended the conversation with a few words, but so clearly that her heart shook. „Or someone will die tomorrow”. It was now much more difficult for the otherwise composed detectives to organize their thoughts. What was it all about and would anyone really die? „Right.. coat pocket” she murmured and pulled out a white piece of paper. Something was written in black ink. _____________________________________________ I tower twohundred and forty-three meters in the air. AIIA and I finally rested on my foot. I am on 627.6 km², but I only own 18.23 km². Say my name and put me in numbers. Add all the numbers and multiply by 1993. Send the solution to 0160******** by tomorrow 20:00 ___________________________________________

„A riddle?” she frowned. She quickly realized that it was undoubtedly about her extraordinary mind and that life depended on it. She memorized all the words, crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it in the garden of her suburban home and finally got into her Jaguar.

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