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When you wake up the days are the same, looking for food to survive and running inside the forest. Single Until one day you come across a black door, not knowing that everything is an experiment.  The worst of all is not remembering who you are or why you are there, you just have to survive from that ... BUT WHAT IS THAT?  Levels, experiment, pain and love and chosen

Fiction adolescente Tout public. © All rights reserved

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Hello Before we begin, I want to tell you a few little things. Like which ones would you ask? My English is not so good because my mother tongue is Spanish so I apologize in advance if there are mistakes because I try to improve


Like every day the alarm goes off with my favorite song "I love you with lemon and salt, I love you just the way you are" I hit the table a little bit to stop it from ringing, while I stir in bed still with my eyes glued to the bed still feeling tired, with my hand I roll my hair to one side gently touching my scars.

-You must get up - I hear a soft voice in my ear, I jump my eyes scan my surroundings looking for the person, but there is absolutely no one.

As always I am alone.

Am I going crazy, is it my imagination, are the pills giving me these side effects? God!

My feet touch the cold wooden floor, - Is the heating damaged? - I wonder quickly putting on my unicorn socks, the dark red walls make my head ache an unusual color for a 17 year old's room. A small bedside table next to the big black bed with sheets the same color as the wall, a small lamp makes the decoration end up shuffling my feet making that irritating sound but that makes me feel good... my stomach roars I haven't eaten for a few days, besides being tired I feel dizzy, hungry and alone again .

. . . . . . . .

-One... two... three - a small

I wait for the countdown to reach ten and run to the outside where I am alone... or so I think, I haven't met anyone for months....

The forest is immense and creepy, I don't know how I got here, I have a little memory of me, but I only have one thought to run away from that thing. I just have to run away...

I run, again and again my feet are bare thanks to the socks have been destroyed by the small branches and rocks on the ground that collided with the fabric tearing it slowly, I do not know why I worry to run just as it appears in that room once again.

My stomach is still rumbling... - I have to eat, but what can I digest? - Talking out loud doesn't make me lose myself in madness or lose my sanity, it makes me feel "sane", A delicious smell makes my salivary glands do their job, my feet walk by themselves towards that delicious smell of fish? meat? I can't quite distinguish what kind of food it is but I know it will be tasty in my mouth.

I see smoke and my body is happy, if there is food there are people, it is logical I move the bushes making some scratches on my left arm, there is only firewood and food around but there is no one. Only a small white letter with a name written on it with gold "Emily" I grabbed the letter delicately, a strawberry smell coming from it makes me take it to my nose and start to lick it, the perfume is impregnated on my tongue, I open that envelope and there are small handwritten letters "Mom leaves it to you, enjoy" for a moment I feel bad for opening something that wasn't mine.

Even though I didn't remember much about myself I knew my name wasn't Emily, I was Micaela, the remorse went away as I heard my stomach rumble and I started to devour all of it, I doubted the taste of the meat but it still stayed in my belly. I got up shaking my body from the sand that was stuck to my shirt, the sun began to hide and the sleep to win me "Again the routine, the same as always tomorrow I won't have food I must wait".

A brutal sound comes out of the forest, my hairs went goose bumps when I listened, I walked a few steps backwards, I had to run ,another sound one after another, making my body alert, a look moves in the thick of the trees, a dark and devouring look, my body does not react to the stimuli sent by my brain, it just stares at where that brutal sound came from.

. . . . . . . .

Again, again, another damn alarm sounds, the same song, the same paragraph, everything is the same, nothing changes, it's as if the day was repeating itself. I feel overwhelmed before I continue to move in the blanket of the bed, I get up forcibly removing my lashes and spitting on the floor, the cold of the floor sneaks into the soles of my feet but I did not take importance, this time I want to do something different I walk gently making small splinters of wood bury themselves, when they have contact with the ground they sink and make me hurt when I walk, I regret for a moment not putting on my socks "This is feeling pain" "It feels good".

There are no mirrors, there is nothing to observe my appearance I only see my hair hanging black, my skin is white with black spots "Filth, I'm dirty" I haven't had a shower for months.

The rags I'm wearing give off an unpleasant smell, a smell of decay and death.

A small white room collides with my sight, "it's empty, there's nothing there". I cautiously enter, I feel like I'll go crazy in this room if I spend one more second, I hear the countdown and I run out of this room.

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