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Our actions and inactions most of the time can make us look insane before those watching us. It is expected of us to think well before taking any form of action to whatever that happened around us.

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In the town of lagoon, something very amazing happened one faithful day.

That drawn the attention of some people

around there. Two mad men engaged on a marathon race.

As the spectators were wondering what could be after the two mad men running at that early hours of the day.

That warrant two mad men to be running after each other with all nakedness.

Who could be chasing them?

Wow! Madness isn't good at all.

Surprisedly, the crowd stood to watch them, as one of the mad man were holding some clothes as he was running fast to outran the one after him.

Luckily, the one at the front outran the one at the back as he shamefully stopped to tell the story that,he was bathing when the mad man came suddenly and picked his clothes and ran away.

Then,he aggressively react by giving the man a hot chase in order to get his clothes back forgetting he's naked as he was rushing back to the bathroom.

What an arrant nonsense?

The spectators weren't able to detect who's the actual madman among the two.

The both were naked as they ran to each other.

They were not convinced even after his explanation to the spectators because they thought he'd also be mad.

What could be your lessons here;

~ Learn to always calm down and think before you react to some issues in life.

~ Your decisions can either make or mar you.

~ Your actions and inactions can make you look stupid or mentally imbalance before the spectators.

~ A moment of silence could be the best answer to some action and inactions of people towards you.

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Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius I'm a passionate Writer and poet whose interest is to create and add inspiring values to lives of people in the Society. I'm indigenous of Ebonyi State,Nigeria.

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