nwanchor-kelechi-cornelius Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius

The Queen of the Underworld; is just a short poetic expression of the doom we're being lured into by emotions.

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We have vowed to fall in love

With the humans,

For our kingdom to be known.

The war have started already

Just to rule our kingdom alone

With all supremacy without an eyebrow

No one has ever talked or looked

At the Queen, shall ever stand fit

Because we gripped all with contours.

For their smiles,we shall welcome

As they draw, lines of doom along

Our chest, with an indelible kiss

Her Royal majesty,has declared

That the kingdom shall be ruled,

By the beautiful maidens of Underworld

As they shall use boot, kiss and smiles

As the only weapon of war fare

For all speaks in tongues, at their sight.

As they sang praises of doom

To their faithfuls;

The loyal servants of the Underworld

© Nwanchor kelechi Cornelius

© 2021

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Nwanchor Kelechi Cornelius I'm a passionate Writer and poet whose interest is to create and add inspiring values to lives of people in the Society. I'm indigenous of Ebonyi State,Nigeria.

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Rebecca Wright Rebecca Wright
Very nice I love it! Waiting for more...
December 27, 2021, 20:36