Syedah haniyah

This book is written by Syedah Ufaq Zehra . She had explained herself as a successful person in this book. she wants to convey a message to everyone how she climbed on the stairs of success.

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I was six years old, once my mother told me that what I wanted to become when i will get older. I replied with an excitement " Mom, I want to become a doctor so that I can treat the people". My mom said that I have to do hardwork for that. I was a bit scared because I thought that hardwork is something I can't do. With a growing age, I chosed different jobs for my future because everytime I realized that whatever I wanted to become has to do hardwork. I always thought that I will choose my dream according to how much hardwork it has. Sometimes I decided to become a doctor, sometimes engineer, sometimes artist, sometimes teacher, but after all decisions and confusions, I stuck on one and only dream job. After all, I wanted to become a professor, writer and a poet. That day I decided to reach my goal and get success in each and every field.

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