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Mimi Milan doesn’t have normal dreams, instead, she can dream with people she knows and discover their true faces, without filters. This is how she knows that no one is to be trusted because everyone always has ulterior motives, even her family. But her dreams also have a dark secret. If she gets injured in them, her injuries remain on her body when she awakens and she has to deal with them regardless of severity. When her dreams start to turn violent, can Mimi find a safe way out? History registered in Safe Creative under the registration code 2112049966020. © All rights reserved.

Thriller/Mystère Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#mystery #romance #violence #dreams #nightmares #abuse #hopes #wounds
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Author's Note

Hello. Welcome to Mimi's universe.

You don't know how happy it makes me that you are giving this story a chance, but there are certain details that I would like to tell you before you dive into reading, it is important. They are about the content or trigger warnings, the frequency of publication, the division of the chapters, and why this story is under the 'Azulinos' membership plan.

Content or Trigger Warnings

I intend to use Mimi's story to tell things that are very close to my heart, but they aren't pretty or nice for that. She will have a happy ending, it's already planned, but in the process, there will be events that can cause you a negative reaction and, if that is the case, I would prefer that you do not read this story.

Mimi is about self-improvement, but what exactly are we overcoming?

  • An abusive and violent environment in different facets: emotional, verbal, physical, and through toxic relationships.
  • Moments of panic and anxiety attacks will be described.
  • We will be seeing firsthand a myriad of intrusive and suicidal thoughts.
  • Past and present self-harm will circulate a lot; there will be a lot more blood than I would like.
  • Although the term itself is not used, depression is one of the topics.
  • There is a chance that a car accident will be mentioned in detail.
  • Therefore, the theme of death and mourning will be touched upon, due to the loss of a loved one.
  • Lastly, and very importantly, there will be suicide attempts.

I in no way condone negative, toxic, and hurtful behaviors or promote the self-injurious attitudes or thoughts that will be described in this story. As a person who has suffered in part most of the experiences that this character will have, this story is more an ode to the struggle that many of us suffer in silence until it's too late and to the overcoming that not all of us achieve.

You are not alone.

You still have time.

Ask for help if you need it.

The world is very big and it feels even heavier when you are fighting something on your own.

You don't have to do it alone.

Thanks for being here.

Publication Frequency

Posts won't be late as long as my current method of writing one scene a week works, as I plan to post once a week, on Sundays, which days I'm knowing as ✨Mimi's Sundays✨. Today (February 19) I am entering the eighth week of eighty, so I have a bit of work ahead of me. And if I'm a little lucky, you're going to accompany me through the process.

If you want to be up to date with my progress and have updates outside of the story, you can join my Discord server (, in which I will be reporting any inconvenience or small victory around the process of this story to my beta readers and you, who will share the private role and have behind-the-scenes access.

Chapter Division

My favorite part so far. Since I made the outline of this story in October 2022, I know that in addition to having twenty (20) chapters, each chapter will have four (4) main points –which can and probably will be more after writing them–, therefore, the story has eighty scenes, and I will be working with each of them on a weekly basis.

The chapters will not be called "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", etc. Instead, they will have numbers like "1.1", "2.3", "3.4", referring to the chapter (the first number –up to 20), the corresponding main point (the second number –up to 4), and the number of scenes in those that that point was bifurcated to be the case; so yes, there may be a number like "2.2.1" that would correspond to the first scene of the second main point of the second chapter. But fear not! That information is actually important to me and only me, since I will be posting by scenes to avoid a chapter having about 36 Word pages that would be torture to read straight through. I can't help if some scenes have an abysmal amount of words, if necessary, but nothing close to that will, I can promise.

In any case, the beginning of each chapter will be duly announced.

Why this story is under the ‘Azulinos’ membership plan

I'm not going to deny it, one of my greatest ambitions with this story is that everyone can read it, because it seems important to me. Deep down I feel like it's important that it is out there. But I'm going to limit it during its creation because I'm going through a trial period and I want to know if I'll be able to keep up.

The project was originally intended to be tested on Patreon, but I'm getting good reactions from my beta readers and want to give the Inkspired audience a chance. In addition, it also helps me to know both how this monetization part works here at Inkspired, and how far my reach as a writer goes, to the point of attracting readers with a "new" story that has little public information.

It's basically a bet that I hope to come out winning azulinos, faithful readers of Azulina, your servant. It's also the first story in which I show how the great system that I have planned as the basis for everything I can think of to write works. So it's a Big, but I want to get a closer look at what the Bang looks like before the explosion blinds us all.

I have already said enough and I feel that it has been more than enough. Thank you very much if you made it this far and, as a secret code (do you like secret codes?), I would appreciate seeing blue hearts in the comments, plus anything else you want to tell me if you want to tell me something.

I will appreciate every little person who supports me during this journey. One by one we can improve the world 💙.

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