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Opera Routine

Momo the vile created this world.

And he won't stop until his purposes unfurl.

We are osyters with no pearls.

I wish there was a solution divine.

I wish we could fly but so far I am powerless to sprout wings on my spine.

Fecal Louse squirming around on my eye ball. The Worm Wood and The Gall. The Defecation of Mephistopheles has sexed the bacterial infection in my eye, ripe for the lice to masticate into rotten dysmorphic gore. I don't know what life is all about. If only I could fly said Blaze Foley. I can hardly stand without being thwarted with a million trials of the mental tempest.

I saw through blind dark.

I heard the Litany of a canine howl bark.

I was filleted with a roses briar.

I had to slaughter the flowering lilac friars.

Frankincense Foox. Necrophiliac Lilac.

My prick flowered and budded with the crowing cock of a dead man.

Poetic footnote.

The Rebel Saber defacing Metropolis Sidon

The grand wizard wailing buck fiden

the Nephilim Presbyters and the Yankee's Glittered Lipoma and the Maggots Roosted in Faggot eye pouch

If a blue gum molests, slash with latter rain blade and send him to his fiery couch

Panhandler by the road of magnesium, get him a whiskey of Satan's pick

let him exchange his soul for a perfected prick

Satan's road goes on forever, he gambles his way for everything you need and gives you everything you don't

his oath is he'll give you what want, he never mentions what gifts he won't

he wont give you what you truly need and crave in the deepest hole inside you

he is the god of this present evil age, he is perfected in sin and the art of flattery of who he longs to woo

Gambling Dice, pubic Lice

Bile vile necrophile

Slice my eyes under flat affect skies

Lake of sulfur rise above my bardash thighs

As my circuit fries with those circus lies

As my freedom dies I hear bothersome flies

Eat the flesh of messiah for 13 dollars

Apostates sell the eucharist for the first 6 callers ?

I'm an anarcho Marxist gay

So don't my dress fillet

I'm a pantheist buddhist girl

Gelatinous Larvae suckling the marrow out the bone

The chewing of earwax on the telephone

Chew A tac

Insert on in your ball sack

This. is. holy. All is Holy. Holy is All.

All is absurd and mad and dead.

Boistous Bardash Refrain.

Ever since you dated that skinny little twink

You know I've been gagging over the kitchen sink

You went behind my back and You cut my hair

Then I knew that this vain chaff life isn't any fair

Gnostic Gospels

Hells apostles

Kids these days are full of shit

They are cursed by holy writ

Tits like zits

Graves woeful pit

An anathema, A Malison on Mahound

Hail Ala the greatest of deceivers

Kill the people of the book whever you find them

Religion of peace, I beg to differ

But on the other side of the coin

How can my prick get any stiffer

At lustful thoughts of the male groin

O what a boistous Bardash am I

My nature is sometimes to submit

And sometimes to defy

Refrain for the maggot faggot

Take it up the ass hole

Expirienced at taking poles

Wambling in the tum tum of the Jackal

I can't get a break

For my own sake

But instead I fuck pricks in Momo's wake

Greedy sex of a Bardash of hell

Lars Limbo is swell

I saw a vision of a pale mask gore.

I lack what I seek and ask for.

I saw the stars in heaven were pawns.

The supernovas ripe and now gone.

I heard the tale of two conjoined ghasts.

I heard the Gypsy wind contort my mast.

I am the first but mostly the last.

What is presently occuring is now past.

All is illusion in the divine spirit from which all derives

A shattered illusion of vices and worthless lives.

Dathan Fillets termers as a rite to the divine Theos Momo

His threw is that of a tetchy assailant, chomo

We thirled the elder's tummy, O to girden his potent and savor his tortured gangle

Gar a cauldron of tharm like paste after we grope and strangle

Lither of Limbo

Dathan and the Demoniac

Necrophiliac lilac

Eternal Male Make

Husband in fact

Maggot Faggot Pact

Lars Limbo is verily a himbo, a taunt

Said the Christian copromaniac, gaunt

For caca is meat but it doesn't make one a chub

Life is a slithering grub, life is a big flub

The gelatinous worm is eaten before life starts

The big flub is a puny flub when all ends in the dead heart

Wambling in the tum of the Jackal who chews a tac

Bloodied lips, required innocence, required super human offices we lack.

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