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chapter zero — prologue

single tears ran down the girl's dusty cheeks, and her once-red eyes, full of radiance and joy, now faded. devoid of all emotions. The pink-haired girl looked at her only with pure hatred. she loved her. she loved her like a sister, maybe even like someone else? and now? she disgusted her. she hated her as much as she could. if she had known this was how it would all end, she would never have become friends with her. with emotion, she raised her arm up, then swung and slapped her cheek with all her might. only after a while did she realize what she had done, but .. she knew that she would not go back in time and what happened would be remembered forever...

tears gathered in the white-haired girl's eyes again, and a scarlet liquid, which was blood, began to run down her nose.

— Vi.. — she said quietly, not knowing what to do.

— I hate you Angel. — She said furiously, taking the girl's face in her hands. — You're useless, do you understand? everyone was right, even Pownder, who, however, did not need to protect you at first. — She said, letting her go, pushing her to the ground, and a moment later walking back to her side.

the red-eyed woman did not know what to do, but cried even more. she was left alone. all by herself. again. this time there is no reason to count on anyone's help. she did not pay attention to anything, she was immersed in her own thoughts and emotions that tormented her. Silco - the man who kidnapped Vander, who wanted to turn him into beasts, thereby killing the children who came to save him, and the two themselves and the man died, he approached the white-haired girl lying on the ground, and in his hand he was holding a knife with which he wanted to kill the girl but .. he didn't do it right away, he decided to speak up first.

— hello girl. — He said calmly towards her.

and she only looked at him and then knocked him to the ground, thus hugging his chest, trying to hold back her tears.

— she-left me.. she abandoned me! — She said, squeezing her eyes more shut. — she left me... I was left alone... — she stammered out through tears.

Silco's subordinates approached them and stood right behind them, watching the whole incident, while the latter hugged the girl, stroking her hair gently.

— you will not be alone anymore. you have us now. — He said softly. he felt responsible for her at the moment. felt that.. he would raise her like his own daughter and he would also do so..

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