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jennifer-riggs Jennifer Riggs

A Collection of poetry and writings. The 3313 plague Art series book 3. Final works. By: Jennifer Riggs

Poésie Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.
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Having a cup of coffee

Having a cup of coffee

Dieing it sitting on my hammock

The sunlight just beaming down

In my car at the people's house sitting in the driveway I sit and open a Coke to drink

Dieing it as I take one big carbonated drink and about sneeze

It's been the longest day

Tired of cleaning the camper

Tired of waiting on people to get back

As the trees away in the wind the clock ticks

Soon it will be nightfall

Soon the moon will be out instead of the sun

Appreciative of the temperature drop night brings I sleep in the moment and smile with thoughts of cooler air

The smile on my face makes me miss autumn when the leaves turn and fall to the green and soil

Raising my drink up I toast to the upcoming night

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