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This is a real life story when a unknown person get treated like a family.. With will power you can attain anything.. Beware don’t forget to live your life..

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First meeting

In this scene, the location is a hospital and doctor is really dog-tired. The patient came and keep waiting for an appointment. Two hours later, doctor showed up and said, I will see you tomorrow and I am really sorry to disappoint you. The patient was pissed off but said it's ok. That's remain same for a month.

Doctors name "Sarah"

Doctors daughter "lara"

patient- Somi.

LARA- hey mom,what's going on..

SARAH- What??

LARA- like seriously, why you doing this??

SARAH- It's my job, you don't believe me..

LARA- Why?? This dumbo doesn't understand, you don't want to treat him..

SARAH- Who said??

LARA- No one needs to, I am watching..

SARAH-SOMI needs a treatment, but and I am doing it..

LARA-What kind of treatment is that??

SARAH- Do you have any guesses??

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