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In the year 2004, twelve year old Stephenie Hamilton, joins I.G.O when a vampire invades her dreams and threatens to capture her for her powers. Steph trains as an I.G.O agent and ends up travelling and making new friends and allies and helps I.G.O grow more as an organisation. Why does the vampire want her powers and what is the vampire hunter Tsukiyomi's connection with the vampire after Stephenie?

Fantaisie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © 2021

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I.G.O A1 Stephenie Hamilton

January 4, 2004

There was a huge crowd in front of the Adelaide Convention Centre. Police were parked right out at the front.

A fifteen year old girl, with long straight blonde hair, pushed her way through the crowd.

Her green eyes shone with excitement.

She approached an officer in his mid thirties. He looked like he barely ate anything.

He looked up at her as she showed him her ID.

His scowl grew bigger as he read it.

"More of you I.G.O punks? This isn't your concern," he spoke with utter disdain.

The girl just smiled at him. His scowl worsened.

"I am Irena and I wish to speak to Sergeant James please," she spoke sweetly.

"I'm not obliged to tell you his whereabouts, now run along brat," he growled.

Irena stood her ground and didn't falter. She was used to this treatment. The police didn't believe that Irena's Guardian Organisation (I.G.O), was capable of protecting Australian citizens like the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

A man with black hair and in his early twenties, walked up to Irena.

The exhaustion could be seen in his dull blue eyes.

"Sergeant Everett James. How good to see you again," Irena smiled.

"I take it, Donal is with you?" he sighed.

Irena rolled her eyes at him in disgust.

"Yes he is with me. He's adamant and hasn't changed his mind. I know he's your brother but you and the rest of the family didn't offer him any help when he needed it," Irena scolded.

A couple of years ago, someone went into Donal's house while he was at school and murdered his parents. The culprit was never caught. When it came to who would look after Donal, only the maid and butler who worked for Donal's family, offered to help raise him. The rest of the family just argued over the inheritance.

Everett didn't care about the fortune but was too cowardly to speak up on Donal's behalf. Irena suspected that one of Donal's family members committed the murder.

"How much do you know about the current situation in the convention centre?" Everett sighed.

"Nineteen year old Harvey Price, is holding four people hostage, with an unloaded gun," Irena began.

"Unloaded? It's actually unloaded?" the police officer who scowled at Irena, asked dumbly.

"Regardless of whether it is or isn't, act like it is Officer Pratt" Everett reminded him.

"The four hostages are, sixteen year old siblings, Conan and Lorna Reily, seventy year old veteran Demas Lander and twelve year old Stephenie Hamilton," Irena surmised.

"No she's nine," Everett corrected her.

"Tatalani says that she is twelve," Irena grinned at his error.

Tatalani was a future seer, who hailed from Romania and was two thousand years old. She was a creature known as a vampire-demon who fed off the demonic power of bad demons and she was never wrong in her predictions.

Everett blushed and sighed.

"So what is your plan?" Everett dared asked her.

"No need for one. According to Tatalani, in about an hour, three hostages will escape, leaving the twelve year old girl with him. After that, we move in, disarm him and rescue her," Irena stated confidently.

Both Everett and Officer Pratt stood there gaping at her. They were speechless.

Without hesitation, Irena walked past the barrier that the police had put up.

"Hey you worked along side of them before. Are they really that capable?" Officer Pratt asked curiously.

"Truth be told, they can hold their own even against armed robbers especially Irena's grandfather, Takuya Irikaido," Everett explained.

Officer Pratt's eyes lit up at Takuya's name.

"Hey I know him. He is known as the human tank. Not even a tank stands a chance against him. Wow so she's his grand daughter? Amazing," Officer Pratt awed.

"Takuya has another grand daughter named Nina. She's Irena's younger sister. I wish Nina was more motivated like Irena though," Everett sighed as he anxiously waited for the events to unfold.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Meanwhile, inside the convention centre, things were escalating. Demas wrestled the gun out of Harvey's hands.

Harvey looked very unkempt. His brown hair was messy and his fringe nearly covered his blue eyes.

"Get off of me old man," he growled as the gun went flying.

It landed at the feet of a little girl with long wavy blonde hair. Her skin was pale and her hazel eyes shone green. She was twelve year old Stephenie Hamilton. Many thought she was younger than her actual age.

Steph crouched down and picked up the hand gun.

She accidentally pulled the top of the gun back too far. Inside the top, where the bullets were supposed to show, was empty.

Steph was confused. Was the gun unloaded?

Harvey got all flustered when he spotted Steph with the gun. He stormed over to where Steph was.

"Hey. Gimme that ya little brat," Harvey growled as he snatched the gun from her hands.

Steph stood back in fright. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Oi. You leave her alone you hear?" a boy with red hair and green eyes glared at Harvey. His name was Conan. He shielded Steph.

Conan's sister, Lorna also walked over and shielded Steph.

"Aye. Pick on someone your own size," Lorna growled.

"Shut up!" Harvey growled.

"Boy, you don't even know how to use that gun," Demas pointed out.

Harvey turned his attention to Demas. He didn't even notice that a thirteen year old girl with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes snuck up behind the twins.

Steph ran to Demas's side. She saw Demas was trying to distract Harvey.

The girl with brown hair escorted the twins to the exit.

"Your gun is unloaded," Steph said bravely.

"Shut up brat!" Harvey growled as he grabbed her.

Irena jumped in between Demas and Harvey.

"Ok Harvey boy. Give up now. We already know you aren't as tough as you think you are. Nina, kindly escort Demas out and lead him to the paramedics," Irena instructed.

"Yes sis," the brown haired girl nodded.

Nina escorted Demas out of the convention centre.

"Who are you?" Harvey growled.

"Irena of I.G.O," Irena smiled.

"Who?" Harvey growled annoyed.

Irena sighed and shook her head.

"Irena's Guardian Organisation. Designed to stop people like you," Irena explained.

"Never heard of ya," Harvey growled.

"No but you won't forget us either. Let the girl go, otherwise you're gonna get hurt," Irena warned.

Harvey laughed at her.

"Ha! Ya way over there. Ya can't do nothing," he bragged

Steph's fight instincts kicked in. She kicked him in the shin. Reluctantly he let her go. For good measure, Steph kicked him in the groin. Harvey collapsed to the ground in agony.

Behind Harvey, a fifteen year old boy with black hair covering the right side of his face, tackled Harvey to the ground. He had striking blue eyes.

"Yeah! That's my darling Donal," Irena cheered.

Donal was flustered. Normally he would have a such a serious look on his face.

"I'm not your darling," he mumbled.

Steph was in complete awe of Irena.

"You're amazing," Steph gushed.

Irena chuckled blushing. She smiled at Steph.

"Well thanks. Let's get you home," Irena urged.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I.G.O made the headlines again. More and more people were talking about I.G.O and wanted their help.

Steph was asked out of the blue if she wanted to join.

Steph wasn't sure. She told them she would give it some thought.

Something was about to happen, that would convince Steph to join I.G.O.

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