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It is raining hard outside the tea shop. I sit near the window watching the raindrop falling down to the ground. The weather must be cold, yet I feel warm accompanied by a hot sweet chamomile tea and my notebook on the table. I am trapped by the rain inside this aesthetic tea shop. However, I am very excited deep inside my heart right now seeing my long crush in the same room with me. He sits across my seat, chatting happily with his friend. They talk and joke loudly, even I can hear it despite the heavy rain outside and the traditional flute instrumental inside the shop.

Once in a while, I will steal a glace at them, admiring his handsome face then gigling inside my heart. When our eyes meet, I am freezing like a dead tuna; my heart thumps and beats fast. I pretend to work on my notebook, typing something on my keyboard, hoping that he won’t notice that I am actually looking at him. He glances at me with a bright smile showing his white teeth, he then apologizes to me for being so loud since he hasn’t met this friend for long time. I reply with a smile. I take a sip of my chamomile tea. It is sweet and warm; surprisingly calming me down. This hot chamomile tea bring me back to the past, to one year before today.

At that time, I was just a new writer. It was a bad time for me, all my scripts were rejected by publishing house. I spent years to write those scripts, yet in the moments, it was thrown back to my face. Feeling depressed, I walked randomly along the street then I found this aesthetic tea shop. From outside, this tea shop had the warmth feeling with some colorful flowers arranged along the mirrored windows. A small pot of purple flower was hung at the front door. I was not rally a fan of a flower, but it calmed me down; as if it invited me in.

I came in and soon welcomed by chinese traditional music instrumental. It brought warmth to my heart. I sat near the window gazing the sight around me. There were not many people inside, but I could see a hint of happiness on each of their expression when they smelled the frangrant of a cup of the tea or when they took a sip of it. I wondered whether I would have the same expression if I took a cup of it. I gripped my notebook and put it on the table. The time I was about to order, a young man came to me bringing a chamomile tea. He smiled as if asking me to drink it and then he went back to the counter.

I was not a tea lover. I did not know kinds of tea or arts of tea; I had zero knownledge about it. I was surprised this tea shop would have chamomile tea. I took a sip of a hot tea and it warmed my heart soon. I couldn’t express my feeling at that time. I couldn’t contain my tear; my hardwork for years, i had typed thousands of pages, read lots of books for refference; it ended with two words, not good. I wept bitterly, I did not dare to tilt up my head. I loved reading books and watching plays. I hoped to write a good story that could bring people immersing in the story, or I could be a scriptwriter for a play.

Then they gave me hope; the publishing house called me to give me a chance, they wanted to see my original scripts in hand. Yes, they gave me hope to tarnish it on my face without even giving me a chance to defend my works; in addition, to mock me even further, they asked me to be a ghost-writer.

I was angry and furious. I left there with mixing feeling. I knew I was not famous, but I poured out everything I had to my works. Even if I did not gain much money or I might wasted my time, I did it with my heart.

The instrumental music, the hot chamomile tea, the warmth of kindness, revived something in me; I had to be strong; I would keep on writing, although my time had not come yet. I believed someday i would make a good story which would be loved deeply by the readers.

Hours passed, when I went to the counter to pay for the tea, the man who brought me tea earlier was nowhere to seen. A waiter came to me saying that tea was on the house. I was surprised yet feeling grateful at the same time.

I would often come to the tea shop wishing to meet him again. But i did not see him. I tried to match the last time I saw him, but I did not meet him. I barely recognized his face because my eyes were watery. An encounter with him changed my life to have positive aura toward failure and sadness; he taught me a cup of tea could bring you back to the track. I learnt a little bit about tea since then.

Today, I meet him again with his bright smile welcoming me to the tea shop. I sit on the same spot as last time I saw him. No long after that rain pours hard and a friend of his come in. Seeing both of them so friendly and warm toward each other, gives me an idea of a story.

When the rain finally subside, I tidy up my table, stand up to leave. He does the same and greet me over the counter. I can finally face him saying, “Thank you.” He smiles brightly and shakes my hands.

I have a crush on you, so you have to be happy.

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