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Eighteen-year-old Aphrodite thought she had her life all planned out. But the zombie apocalypse means that those plans are now on hold. When she goes to get a vaccine that's supposed to protect her, she's accidentally injected with the Z virus and turned into a zombie herself. Now she's wondering if it was really an accident. As she adjusts to her new reality, she must also try to figure out Diablo, her mysterious new companion. Who is he? What's his story? And why did he have come into her life now, when all she wants to do is eat his brain? © MidnightRose,November 2021

Post-apocalyptique Tout public. © © MidnightRose, November2021 All rights Reserved.

#Zombie #Horror #Apocalypse #Virus #kickassheroine #NonHumanlead #inkspiredstory #NightStalker #GrowingLove
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Chapter 1. The Unknown

Chapter 2. The Beginning

Chapter 3. The Beginning Of The End?

Chapter 4. What's Happening To Me?

Chapter 5. What To Do Now?

Chapter 6. Near Death Experience

Chapter 7. what were you thinking?

Chapter 8. Can I help you?

Chapter 9. No more human then you.

Chapter 10. The Truth Behind My Eyes

© MidnightRose, November2021
All rights Reserved. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in
Any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means - electronical - mechanic - photocopy - recording or otherwise - without prior written permission from the author

Content warning for the series -

Mature content in parts of the book
18+ recommend as there is some sexual encounters and gore, scary bits in parts of the book.

This is book One in The Ash series

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