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Children's Fiction Short Story. This Story Is About A Dancing Cow That Made Many People Laugh. The Moral Of This Story Is, Take Time To Notice Everything Around You And Never Be Too Busy That You Overlooked The Simple Things In Life and Smile.

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Stewie The Dancing Cow

Once there was a dancing Cow by the name of Stewie who got lost and roamed the Streets for food instead of feeding in greener Pastures.

In the Countryside of Jamaica in the Parish of St.Elizabeth there was this farmer by the name of Mr.Headley who bought Cows and sold them to the Market as butcher's choice for a living.

On Thursdays he would filled up his truck with preferably Bull Cows that primarily used for Beef in the stores and Market Place.

So on this particular Thursday afternoon while Mr.Headley was driving along in the famous Holland Bamboo Ave of St.Elizabeth.

Stewie the Cow fell out from the back of the truck that was loaded with other Cows heading out to the market.

Unalarmed and unnoticed, Mr.Headley still continued along on his journey as he tried to get to his destination on time.

However, the place where Stewie fell, at a certain time during the afternoon, it would become congested with lots of commuting traffickers going to and from to their destinations.

Then Suddenly, there was this Red Cow appeared from nowhere blocking traffics and creating excitement.

Notwithstanding the fall, Stewie the dancing Cow came chiming in on his dance moves as he danced stylishly in the street and blocking traffickers.

Many onlookers were smiling as they snapped pictures of Stewie doing his dance moves.

Nevertheless, though the roadways were getting congested with vehicles and some people were eager to get to where they were going, but there was a sense of amusement in the air.

Respectfully, Stewie then walked slowly to the side and started feeding alongside the roadways.

So eventually, all the commuters went their ways discombobulated by such an eerie's experience.

One of the commuters chuckled and said, many bizzare things happened in Jamaica and deffinately,this was one of them.

Unfortunately, Stewie the dancing Cow refused to migrated to greener pastures, so he stayed alongside the beautiful Bamboo Ave and made there his temporary home,as he continued to entertained his commuting fans.

While staying there at Bamboo Ave, Stewie got accustomed to Ripe Mangoes under the nearby Mango trees and would ate the peels from ripened Banana,and also other exotic ripened fruits.

All those who knew Stewie the famous Cow would looked forward to an enchanting dance moves everday.

Little did Stewie knew his stay in the beautiful Bamboo Ave was about to come to an end.

The news about Stewie the famous Cow spread abroad to the Sorrounding neighborhoods and Towns.

Many people from the surrounding area would come out to watch Stewie as he danced in the street for his fans.

The news eventually got to the ears of Mr.Headley, Stewie's owner.

Then he started out on a mission to find his lost Cow.

He inquired about the Cow's disposition and it's whereabouts, by doing so he's trying to get a good idea of what he's looking for and where to look.

So eventually, his inquiry was forthcoming and successful.

As Mr.Headley arrived to Bamboo Ave, Lo and behold there was Stewie the dancing Cow in the middle of commuting doing his famous dance for his fans.

Even Mr.Headley was enchanted by his Cow Stewie.

The commuters were all honking their horns for Stewie as he danced for the last time for them.

It was a sight to behold.

Finally, Mr.Headley had found Stewie and as he moved towards his Cow with a rope, they'all shouted;

Jamaican Patois:


Then Mr.Headley replied! YES! A Fi Mi Red Cow Weh Mi Lass!

A Lang Tyme Mi Ah Luk Fi Dah Kow Yah Eno Mon,Ah Cud'en Fine Im Anyweh.

Mi Luk All Ova Di Place Fi Im Til Mi Tiad!


Commuters Shouted: IS THAT YOUR COW SIR?

Mr.Headley Replied YES! It's My Red Cow That Was Lost!

It's A Long Time I've Been Looking For This Cow And I Couldn't Find Him Anywhere.

I Looked All Over The Place For Him Until I Was Tired!

Finally, Mr.Headley was very happy he'd found his lost Cow, But unfortunately, for the commuters there will be no more dancing Stewie in Bamboo Ave.

Patois: Tank gudness! Mr.Headley said, At lass Mi Fine Mi Kow!

English: At last I Have Found My Cow!

Now the famous Cow was back with it's owner and soon it will be on the market for a second time.

Well! Do I have to tell you where Stewie got his name?

Stewie then became Stew.

The end.


Written by Phyllis G. Headley

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