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What are choices? Choices are like opening doors. It leads you to rooms with even more doors. An endless number of possibilities and wonderful surprises, some might say. I can relate, though the doors I chose led me to the ledge.

It started with a girl. She had the midnight sky growing from her scalp, two luminous stars that lit up my nights, and a 24-hour smile that drowned me with love whenever I came close to it. Unfortunately, I took the wrong door. Nine months later, at only 15, a new planet was born. The gravitational attraction got very weak, and we drifted away from each other. My son, I truly loved you.

Kicked from my nest, homeless and alone. No choice but to pick the next door. Like an owl, I wondered at night, for a place to stay, a place to say goodnight. I found some fellows that offered me the seed. I was hungry and desperate and had to agree. Not before long, the parasite took over. I stole and hunted and recklessly flew into the cage.

Once freedom came, I chose my last door. I followed the light and reached beyond the clouds.

Standing on the ledge, I still ponder on how I got here. How the choices I made brought me to my saviour. I forgave myself and He forgave me. Time to spread my wings and fly.

From above, I stare at the doors you are choosing. Ignoring the signs, everything you are losing. Knock-knock. I ask you nicely, choose wisely.

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