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Tiffany McPherson

The girl fell in love the her boss . And in the end she finds true love

Romance Romance jeune adulte Tout public.

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Chapter 1

She woke up on an icy morning to someone loudly banging on my door.I threw off my blanket in an instant I set with both feet on the wood floor and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes .

I anwer the door and it was this man with hazel eyes and curly hair. Oh sorry did I wake you he said.

Oh no it's fine is something wrong she said. Oh someone is at the front desk for you he said. I'll be right there she said. The man left and she put on her robe and went to the front desk and say someone unexpected it was her .

Ex Marcus he had on black suit and he had two bodyguard beside him .hi he said. Why are u here she said .To bring u back home he said . To bring me back home I'm home she said. No your not this is a hotel he said . Yes it is my home so no I'm not coming with you she said. Why he said. You think I'm a you u can pick up and bring home with you she said. Please Ava he said.No do u remember what you did to me you cheated on me with my Bestfriend and you lied about for 2 years u sit down and lied to face so no I'm coming with you ever and it's Avalyn to you she said she ran away crying never seeing he's face again.

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