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A girl who has seen it all. Betrayal. Rejection. Pain. Depression...She finally gets a chance to get back at all the people who caused her this. But at what cost? A dance with the devil...

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

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When Lizzy's phone rang she picked it immediately, it was the call she had been waiting for. "Hello?"

"Um...Heyyyyy. Liz." Keyonha's voice echoed from the other end.

"You're almost here right?"Lizzy assumed a weary smile spreading across her face. It had been so long but maybe. Just maybe Keyonha could give Lizzy a real reason to smile by telling her they were almost here. Finally she could have ACTUAL company at her house. Finally she wouldn't be alone with her thoughts for at least this night. Finally she could feel loved.

"Yhhhh...About that..." Lizzy's heart dropped and her smile faded at the statement. She bit her lip suppressing the tears as she waited for Keyohna to continue. As if on cue, she did.

"We can't make it. There's like this...um...Our...Par...Traffic. Its traffic. The traffic is WAY too heavy...We had to turn back and go to our houses." Keyhona explained but Lizzy was smarter than that. She knew Keyhona was lying. Either Keyonha thought Lizzy was that dumb or she just didn't care if Lizzy realised it was lie. Lizzy could clearly make out laughter, shouting and other noises.

Not noises made in a house where Keyonha claimed to be...

Noises made at parties when people were having fun. She of all people would know that...She once enjoyed having fun...She was even once the life of the party...

"But you promised..." Lizzy's voice was quiet. If you weren't listening well enough you probably wouldn't have heard it...But then again. No one cared to listen to what creepy Lizzy was saying. Not even Keyhona who was apparently having an amazing time and was probably not even thinking of coming over to Lizzy's house with the gang at all seemed to have heard her.

"Is it that weirdo?" A male voice asked.

"Obviously. She invited us to her house...Talk about creepy." Keyhona replied, the fake saccharine voice she had used before when talking to Lizzy suddenly changing to her real one. One of disgust at the idea. Lizzy listened in closely. Keyhona wasn't aware she hadn't ended the call yet. She wasn't aware Lizzy could still hear them. Lizzy was sure that even if Keyhona realised the call was still going, she wouldn't care.

The male and Keyhona laughed. Laughed at each other's sickening idea of a joke. Lizzy immediately recognised the male by his deep yet flattering laugh...It was Jake...Her boyfriend. She had no idea he felt that way about her,but then again, she was used to the pain of rejection and betrayal by now it was already a part of her, but that didn't mean she liked it.

"Why can't that ugly girl just die, doesn't she get it? She's of no use to us." That was Gina. Lizzy could tell by her accent, it was the only one of its kind...This was the SAME Gina that always complimented her beauty in the past. Tears had welled up in her eyes...Lizzy unintentionally let out a loud sob.

And of course, that was only when Keyhona remembered her existence and seemed to raise her phone at the sound.

"You didn't end the call...You think she heard." Gina inquired also somehow hearing the sob.

"Probably because she's crying..."Lizzy couldn't be sure but with the mocking tone in Keyonha's voice, she had guessed that she was making one of those silly faces.

"Any last words for the cry baby?" Jake called.

It seemed like the whole group was there. The whole group that swore they would be at Lizzy's house, The same group of people that Keyhona had claimed were all in their individual houses. There was a roar of laughter.

"Loser!" One shouted into the phone.

"Go to hell with your mum!" Another bellowed

"Does baby want her bottle?!!!"

"Die! Nobody needs you!"

"You're worthless!" That was Keyonha.

"Your shine has died, how do you feel now that you're the butterfly of the joke." Gina.

"Dating you was a mistake. "...THAT. That...That broke her, because it came from the guy she poured out her heart and soul to. That...came from Jake. And with it Keyhona ended the call.

Lizzy fell back on her bed. Her tears seemed to know just when to roll down her cheeks. Perfect timing.

"Why me?!" She questioned no one in particular. She threw her phone across the room and it smashed against the wall. What did she care? Why have a phone when nobody calls you on it anyway?

Lizzy screamed. She screamed as she cried. Crying as she screamed. Her life truly had no meaning, no point. To her, Gina had a point. She was once the pretty kid. The popular teen. The girl who everybody wanted to be around. The girl who turned heads everytime she walked by the guys' locker room. Look at her now...Hopeless...Worthless...Useless...CLANK. The sound broke her chain of thought, she sat up. It's not like she could see anything. She couldn't. The room was pitch black. Darkness was her friend. But this time she needed to see what made the sound.

Footsteps. Fast footsteps. The sound grew closer. "Hello?" Lizzy managed to call out with a sniff.

"Lizzyyyyyyyyy." The maniacal voiced echoed through the room. It seemed to have been coming from every direction at once. Then more footsteps.

"Who's that?" The footsteps stopped. They seemed to stop right in front of her. Two glowing eyes appeared where the footsteps had stopped. The eyes darted left and right. A tiny black dot as a pupil and neon green eyeballs. It fixed its gaze on her finally. The rest of the body she could make out was lanky and unproportionate, long arms. Broad shoulders. On its four legs. Legs bent backwards. She herself didn't even understand what she was looking at. But she wasn't scared.

"Who are you..."

"Your friend." It answered she could hear its lips crack into a smile, the cracking was loud.

"You know I've been watching you Lizzy... All you have ever did to people was to be nice and look how they repay you. Look how they talk to you. Just because you are not what you used to be, they feel you're nothing. Because you aren't them."

Lizzy didn't argue. After all, the creature wasn't lying. "Remember how much you cared for Jake? You always made sure he was alright. You checked on him daily. You were the first to ask him if he was okay. You were quick to forgive him and gave up all your time for him. Showered him with love and attention. Gave him your body, soul...Mind." The creature's eyes were no longer on Lizzy. They were now scanning her room. Why? She didn't know. "Do you know him and Keyhona have a thing?" It asked sounding like a teen with the latest gossip.

Lizzy's eyes widened. She didn't know that either. The creature cackled. It seemed proud that it was the first one to break it to her. "Even while you guys were together...They did things...Notice how she was his profile picture?"

Lizzy did notice. She's his best friend she wanted to say. He loved me she wanted to shout. But she knew that she was wrong. She was wrong about everything.

"Gina envied you, she despised you. All you did was care for her. Look at her she says 'thank you'...With a stab in your back." It cackled again. "She had almost drowned and you saved her. When she didn't have food to eat you gave her yours. You were hungry too. But you sacrificed your food for her...Pretty nice seeing that you have ulcers."

How did this creature know so much? Was all this even real? "I could go on and on y'know. But my time here doesn't permit me. I barely come to the human world you see. But you. You my child..."It climbed onto her bed lingering over her. "So if you're not from here then..."

"Have you heard of hades? Hell? The place of eternal fire?"It questioned, an image of fire in its eyes. Lizzy nodded. "I thought it was a myth?"

The creature's crawled back cackling loudly and animatronically. "Liz. Hell is real. So is the devil."

"Are...are...you the devil?"

The creature frowned. "Of course not, but I can give you direct access to him. You see, he sees all the hatred, pain, hurt, anger, depression you have bottled inside that dark soul of yours. He sent me to you with a deal..."

"What deal? " Lizzy queried her attention fully grabbed.

"You help him...And he will give you the power to destroy, kill and make those people who hurt you suffer...Keyohna your supposed best friend. Jake the boyfriend who loved Keyonha more than he did you. Gina. Everyone one. Heck, you can even go after people you don't know the devil doesn't give a damn...But you need to help him."

"How do I help...The devil?"

The creature stretched out its sharp, pencil thin hand at Lizzy. "Deal or no deal?'' It asked.

Lizzy bit her lip in thought. Revenge...Finally she wouldn't be the weirdo. The creep. It would make her powerful, unstoppable. She smiled at the picture of their begging faces when she was about to end them. Who shine is dying now Gina? She looked at the creature's hand. But at what cost? Was it worth it...

"Deal or no deal?"

Lizzy sighed. Only the power the devil had could make her, if not liked...But feared. She liked that.

"Deal." She takes the hand.

With the other hand it brought out a rope. "What's that for?" Lizzy asked.

"The first step...Your one way ticket to hell..." Its cracking smile appeared again. "Suicide..."

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