Brent Franklin

Poems I’ve collected a written over the years. This time i try to stay on a funny side of myself.

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With Everything

It was quite a heavy burden

I put on you two

Trying to stay afloat until the day

It seemed I gave up on you

We were all broken and shattered

I wasn’t as strong When it really mattered

I swear I never gave up I just didn’t know

What I was doing to my psychie

Never forgive myself, for being that weak!

It was the two of you pulling me through the days

Until I got so high, I fell and severed most of my fathering ways

Nerve to tell y’all to behave and I lay in bed

Blocked out the windows looking to escape!

Your Dads a fake! Selfish, prideful and full of hate!

Couldn’t let go of my past (your mom) long enough to seize the day

Seeing clearly now, afraid I’m too lost for y’all to claim me as found

But I swear before God I’ll always be here!

I’ll never go too far away, maybe one day you’ll let me in…..

until then I’ll be here throughout, helping when I can!

I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but for life I’ll stand here with arms wide open.

So Gavin and Kate I know I sealed my fate!

Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll keep the enemies from your gates

No more anger I’ve killed the hate!

No hidden agenda no time left to waste!

I’ll make the best of my fathering days

Even if it means loving from here, love you both!

With my all and with my everything!!!!!


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