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Teen Fiction. A story about an Orphaned Lionet who survived on It's own In a dangerous Swahalian jungle The Moral of this story is to empower children who lost their parents at a tender age by bad people with guns, they can overcome their adversities by becoming stronger and better people of society.

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I Am King Akeen Written By P.G.Headly

In a far away Jungle of Swahali was a lion Kingdom ruled by King Jengo the hunter and Queen Zara his wife.

And there lived with them their three Lionets, Princes Nala, Prince Akeen and Prince Rufaro. Akeen was the eldest cub of them all.

One day Akeen's dad proposed to him and said,Akeen my first son, one day you will be the King and ruler of this Kingdom like your dad.

King Jengo added,mwanangu,siku moja utakuwa kiume wa alfa wa eneo hili.

Interpreted; My son,one day you will be the Alpha male of this territory.

Then shortly after they had finished their father and son talk, Akeen went and sat by himself and pondered for a while all that his father had told him.

The next day early afternoon while all the pride were out roaming the beautiful sunny glade of the Swahalian Mountain.

One could just closed the eyes,feel the warm lush breeze as it sweeped across the captivating landscape Of Swahili's mountain.

The sounds of melodious and colourful birds of all spices,allured by the splendour of it's natural and beautiful rainforest.

In a nearby Village,one could heard the reconditioning Of drummers and the beats of tribal and cultural music echoing through the atmosphere of the beautiful Swahalian jungle.

Then suddenly the pride heard shots fired, and everyone were startled,then the sound of shots fired once again,and then young Akeen saw his parents fell to the ground.

He then saw two woodsmen with long rifled gun coming towards the place where the incident unfolds.

Hurriedly,Akeen fled the scene and ran towards a nearby cave where his parents would hangout with them during inclement weather.

Frightened and heart broken little Akeen would watched the woodsmen from a distance as they took the lifeless bodies of his parents and kidnapped his two younger siblings.

And there Akeen was left all alone in a dangerous jungle to fend for himself. He then went inside the cave and stayed there for four days, heart broken and displaced.

Thereafter,the young lion were devastated from the nightmare of what took placed before his very eyes.

Akeen's little mind couldn't fathom all it's entirety of loosing his whole family in such a nip of time.

It was the worst day of Akeen's life, never had he experienced something of such.

It tooked a long time for little Akeen to processed or grasped the barbaric event.

It was the forth day and Prince Akeen decided to reimurged from the cave where he was hiding

That day he was very weak from dehydration and hunger, from refraining to eat and drink for a long period.

As the young Prince came to the entrance of the cave, he looked right and then left again to see if there were any stranged looking humans with guns still hanging around in his territory.

So when he saw that all was cleared,he walked gently down to the everglades with his head lowered in search to find water and something to eat.

While Prince Akeen was walking down to the everglades he heard a faint sound of what appeared to be a baby gazelle laid in the grass.

The brave little Prince went over to look at gazelle,but she was bleeding in one of her hoofs while traveling from a long distant journey with her family.

Little Gazelle was rejected and left alone to die,

But luckily for Gazelle, little Akeen was an amature and wasn't yet trained to pounced on it's prey.

The little Prince was very excited to have found a friend from being left alone in the Jungle amongst dangerous predictors.

What Prince Akeen did next was nothing short of incredible!

Inspite the fact he was devastated, an hungered, thirsty, and weakened for four days.

The young lion picked up little Gazelle by one of her ears and continued down the path to the Everglades as planned.

He then reached to his destination and placed little Gazelle by the water so they both could drink some water.

Shortly thereafter, without hesitation, the smart and intuitive little lion for the second time took Gazelle by her ear and hurriedly returned back to the cave.

He wanted to make sure the little fawn was safely hidden from all it's predators.

Still weak and hungry,Prince Akeen was relentless in finding food for both of them to eat,although he was very concerned about the uncertainty of what might be lurking outside in the dangerous jungle.

So the thoughts of his dad flashed across his mind as he remembered the past how he would watched his father the King,who was also a great hunter, pounced on it's prey in such skillful and tactical way.

The young Prince also remembered few conversations of what his dad told him while they were having their little pep talks concerning the Kingdom.

Akeen knew he was very young and dare to attack it's prey like his dad would,so he decided it would be a good idea to forged for left over food instead.

The clever Prince then sets off on his journey to find food before nightfall, he quietly and slowly moved with his head lowered in the grass avoiding to been seen by human predictors or older animals.

Prince Akeen heard a commotion coming from the nearby bushes, then suddenly he paused and listened carefully to see where the sound were coming from.

To his surprised he saw a bunch of older lions and few cubs devouring a freshly killed Rhino.

He sat and watched and waited patiently for a while until they all were filled .

When Prince Akeen realized the pride were all leaving, he then waited until he couldn't see them anymore and discreetly weighed on the left over kill.

The Little young lion ate all he could...and being a considerable little friend, he went and fetched green herb for his new friend to eat.

Religiously, everyday Akeen would go out and fetched food for himself and Gazelle to eat.

It's almost three months and Gazelle grew older and taller and her hoof was finally healed.

Now finally they can hunt together for food and visit the Everglades.

Akeen was only nine months old when his parents died, and since then he was forced to grow up on his own.

The Orphaned cub is now thirteen months old, and he had grown to be very strong.

Akeen grew up to be hefty brave and furious against his human predictors.

Forging for food everyday as a cub was a big part of him staying alive and becoming brave and strong.

Prince Akeen grew up to be a charming, friendly,comely, brave,intelligent,intuitive and a courageous Lion King.

His father,King Jengo had taught him well on how to fight his opponents and how to be brave and fierce.

King Jengo,Akeen's dad would always giving him pep talks and teaching his young ones survival skills that paid off very well for young Akeen.

At last the day has arrived when Akeen made his first kill.

The Prince and his friend Gazelle sets off on an afternoon stroll when they saw an angry bear coming towards them,so Akeen decided not to ran away, but to be brave in the face of adversity.

He then rolled his voice like thunder,In Swahalian lion voice,Mimi ni Akeen,Mfalme wa Msitu Huu.

Interpreted,I Am Akeen,King Of This Jungle

The young lion then pounced at the bear and headlocked it's first prey to the ground and made his first initial kill.

King Akeen now became the successor to his father's Kingdom,

He's now King Akeen, the heirs to the late King Jengo's Throne.

Akeen the King of his Father's Jungle.

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