Arthur King

A BOOK ABOUT THREE BROTHERS MAKING IT THROUGH THE HARDEST OF TIMES but ended up beating the odds this is a true story of how they survived the Crudd of the streets

Récits de vie Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Growing up in the woods

1973 is when my mother spit me out she named me Arthur Andrew King, I was born in Fauquier county Va, I was the youngest of eight children raised in the sticks as little boy. My brothers Aaron and David were my guardians growing up, we were some bad kids that got whooped daily for misbehaving. My sisters Mary..Jerry...Patty...Julie...and Maria were a tight knit bunch who were not to be messed with you mess with one, You mess with Us all. My mother Minnie Ella's King was the Woman who tried to keep it all together, She tried to keep track of us all. I was too young to remember my father Aiven Johnson, But I know for a fact that he was crazy if he didn't knock you out, please don't make him pull that "38 special" out because somebody dying. Pops and mom used fight like Ike and Tina, but deep down inside they truly loved each other I guess back in those days fighting every day came with the territory, they'd kill someone bury their body deep in the woods you would never find their bodies, hard ass men for hard ass times I guess. But to be real my mom used to try and make my pops jealous and he would act in violence, and hit my mom, she never left. I guess some peoples definition of love is way over my head I was to young to understand anything back then. But one thing I knew is that my brothers and I was stuck together like glue, we understood that we all we had, and we did whatever we had to do to get by. Ma and her sisters used to party hard drinking and smoking all kinds of drama. I remember sitting in the car my brothers and I all got damn night while my mom was in some hole in the wall dancing her and my Aunt Jo and uncle Horace. Back in those days they played no games, the Women fought just like the men. my cousins the Dixon-King family the Lamberts were fighting like no tomorrow alot of jealousy, arguing over who man was who's, My mom had to fight almost everyday fighting Woman claiming to have been with my Daddy. Poppa was a rolling stone but he was a man's man, he took care of his family by all means necessary, He was well respected and feared by his peers, a true life Gangsta. On the other hand my mom was once married to a man named Bobby Woodson a real good brother. I was told he took care of the whole family even though we were not all his kids. My sisters Patty,Julie,and Maria belonged to Mr.Bobby Woodson but my other sisters Jerry Ann and Mary's father was Jerry Tracey I didn't know him then, I met Jerry when I was about 16 years old, He just got out of prison he was a good dude though... I always wondered why was life was so hard growing up I guess being deprived of many human rights on top of being black in America can take a toll on any man, having a boot on your neck working for less, trying to put food on the table through some fucked up circumstances. We might try to judge alot of things about what was going on back in those days, but we will never understand what black folk went through my family had the hardest of times, we were the family that wasn't supposed to make it, We really struggled many of my cousins like Kickapoo,Bill and Darnell my big cuzzo Winnie, We all lived about 20 deep in one house just trying to make it, There mother Florence showed us alot of love, but Winnie and them used to beat me and my brothers up everyday when we were little, they told us they were making us tough. I can't lie my big cousins made us hard, they used go to my body. But I knew it was all outta love, Florences boys will always be my brothers forever.But Keeping it real it was the beginning of the Legend of my brother Aaron Leeroy Woodson my big bro became a different man, Yes I said man, he snapped one day and scared the hell outta me and my brother David. Aaron was about 15 when he started teaching David and I all kinds of survival shit,We were in the woods shooting pelit guns at targets, climbing trees, all kinds of shit, we walked miles in the woods just to see if we could make it back, I used to be crying thinking we were lost and Aaron would say shut the hell up "Art" you always crying, he was preparing Dave and I for what I never knew, I guess he was just being a big brother. I never knew the devastation that awaits our future. Life would change for my family in a drastic way.

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