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In the Kingdom Vayteria, Catherine Blackwood sits high on her throne afraid of no enemy to take her down. During a celebration, she comes across a commonly known thief from the Kingdom Arcella (the wicked land). This thief, as strange as it seems, easies his way into Catherine’s heart. With a murderer on the loose killing off people Catherine is most loyal to, she is not sure who she can trust. However, she is sure of one thing. She will do everything in her power to protect her sister, her prisoner, and her kingdom.

Fantaisie Médiévale Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Open the Gates

2 Kingdoms 1 Murderer No Justice

 Everything all began with a man named Cassius. Who knew that he would be the one to bring this disaster upon the land of Vayteria. Who knew that this would be where all the chaos of the world would start between the two kingdoms. I'm getting too far ahead of the story though. We should start from the very beginning.



In a wide and spacious kingdom lived a Queen named Catherine and her sister, Victoria. They ruled over all the beautiful land of Vayteria. She had much work to cover, since she is now their new Queen. She was even allowed to appoint the townsfolk she would like to have as servants in her kingdom.

After very hard consideration, only a few of them got the job. As Queen, she takes her duty very serious. However, Vayteria is not the only kingdom among the land. There is also a ruler by the name of King Herold.

He rules a very wicked part of land called Arcella. Their kingdoms are very different in multiple ways. Over a hundred years ago, their ancestors created a treaty with the people of Arcella. Vayterians do not go to their territory, and they will stay out of theirs. It leaves the two kingdoms in harmony.

Today, an unexpected visitor arrived at the palace. King Herold and two of his loyal soldiers that surrounded him. King Herold has a mustache and scruff on the bottom of his chin. He has cold dark brown eyes and jet black hair.

He says to Catherine as she opens the door, "Good morning, Queen Catherine, I wish to speak with you and your men about a business proposal."

It was very unlikely that she was going to agree with anything he threw her way. His kingdom was full of wicked people like himself, and she wants no part of it.

"Very well," she says while holding the door open, "please come in. I will go fetch Regent Alistair, and we will be right with you."

She did not feel the slightest bit comfortable being alone and in the presence of King Herold. When he looked at her, chills ran down her spine as his lips turned upwards into a smile.

"Excellent," he says as she begins to walk away from him.

She knew exactly where her Regent would be at. He has been helping her sister lately with the death of their mother. She died a few months ago from a terrible illness leaving Catherine to take her place.

Their father fell into a deep depressed during his reign without her, so he was forced to abdicate as King. He set out for sea, and they haven't seen him since. However, they do hear from him once a week because he sends them a messenger with letters attached.

Victoria is sixteen years old now, and she is beginning to mature a lot faster as the years go by. She has smooth silky blonde hair and dark green eyes. Her eyes remind Catherine of a forest. She doesn't like doing specific things in the kingdom.

For instance, she doesn't like to wear traditional dresses. She also refuses to wear the color purple as a sign of royalty. Instead, she makes the tailor use the color magenta.

As Queen Catherine opened the door to Victoria's bedroom, she was sitting up on her bed still in her pajamas talking with the Chancellor. He was leaned back against the wall. Their eyes both directed towards her as she entered the room.

Alistair spoke up, "Is everything alright, my Queen?"

She shook her head, "Actually no, your assistance is needed. King Herold has stopped for a visit to form a business proposal. We should at least hear him out."

He stood all the way up. Everyone in Vayteria feared the evil King Herold. News travels quick, so it wouldn't come as a surprise if the people all knew about his arrival by now.

Victoria removed herself from her bed, "Is my assistance needed to?"

As Catherine was closing the door behind her, she says to her sister, "No, it is not. This is a serious matter that involves the kingdom, and you need to get dressed for your fencing lessons."

With that, she followed Alistair to their meeting that awaited upstairs. A few soldiers of hers were already seated listening to what King Herold had to say. She tried looking over one's shoulder at the map placed in front of them.

He pointed to the big piece of land and continued, "If the people of Vayteria rebuild in this general area right here then there will be enough room for more of my people. We are willing to pay your kingdom for that piece of land."

Alistair spoke up clearly intrigued by the proposal, "How much money are you proposing?"

One of King Herold's men held up a sash. Alistair stood in front of Catherine as a shield of protection just in case. However, Catherine kept looking back down at the map.

King Herold stated proudly, "Ten thousand dollars."

It came very surprising to them considering that when he last came for a visit he was the one asking for money.

Queen Catherine says to him, "King Herold, if I may ask. How are you receiving all of this money?" It hasn't been a month since he last visited.

He smiled, "What can I say? Business has been doing very well recently. Jobs have been getting filled, but the peasants on the streets are still needing a place to sleep."

Queen Catherine knew exactly what he was trying to do. He's trying to make Vayterians pity the peasants in his kingdom, so they will take his deal. Sadly for him, she can see right through everything he is proposing, and she feels it is best to deny any access to her land.

Alistair turns to her, "It is your decision, my Queen, however I feel like this is a good proposition for your kingdom."

She pushes her group of soldiers aside letting a pathway form from her to King Herold. He looked at her as if her answer to him would be a yes. He is mistaken.

"Your request has been denied, King Herold. I appreciate you all for coming here today, but I need you and your men to leave Vayteria immediately."

She would not want any of her people to be in danger considering King Herold's temper when he does not get his way.

He stretched a fake smile across his face from the opposite side of the table and said, "Very well, thank you for your time."

He then proceeded to roll the map up that he had laid out on the table for them to see and stuffed it down into the sash containing the money inside. His two soldiers left the room before he did.

Queen Catherine then whispers to Alistair, "Follow them out and make sure that they do not take anything of ours."

He nods his head and exits the room after them obeying orders. The four other soldiers with her begin to leave the room to start on their daily routine. Catherine brushes off all the dust specks on the bottom of her dress and returns to her room. King Herold steps outside and notices Alistair following slowly behind.

He whispers to his men, "Patience is the key to this situation. My friends, it is time to activate plan B."

The soldiers nodded to one another leaving the castle without saying a word. Chancellor Alistair stood by the front door watching them ride off on their black and white horses. He shut the front door to the castle as the sun started coming up. It was a brand new day in Vayteria.

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