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Gertrude Dixon leads the survivors of Lori Miller's plane crash to Mount Everest during the apocalypse.

Post-apocalyptique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The Plane

Gertrude sat on seat 34B. She was forty nine, grey hair, hazel eyes and wore a brown jumper, brown jacket, green trousers and red shoes. She sat at the window as she felt more comfortable there and loved the view of the plane taking off. But it wasn't time for take off as Flight Seven Five Nine had only ten minutes. Here comes china, she thought to herself.

Rayan Hannachi was thirty eight, brown hair and eyes, wore a red shirt, blue ripped jeans and brown sandals. He sat in the middle between Terrence Osborne and Juliette Osborne. Terrence was twenty, ginger hair, green eyes, wore a bage jumper, brown fluffy coat, brown jeans and blue shoes. Juliette was bald (due to cancer), green eyes, wore a grey t-shirt, black leggings and pink shoes. "Why can't we just sit together?", Juliette asked Terrence.

"Shut up, woman!", Terrence responded which made Rayan uncomfortable.

Dakota Johnston was in her early twenties, blonde hair, green eyes, wore a hip hop colourful jumper, baggy blue jeans and brown boots with white fur around the top. She sat next to Gertrude. Gertrude didn't seem to notice but she knew she was there. One of the Stewardesses, Alice, who was in her late thirties, had black hair, brown eyes, wore a white shirt, black skirt, black heels and had her name tag on her right breast, came over.

"Do you ladies need anything?", she asked them and they both declined.

The passengers were finally boarded and the plane took a little shake before it took off.

Gertrude got woken up by Juliette coughing loudly. "Shut up!", someone shouted behind them.

"Shut it you fucking twat!", Terrence yelled back.

The man who shouted, Eggert Abend, stood up aggressively. He was in his mid forties, had brown hair, blue eyes, wore a grey t-shirt, black jacket, brown joggers and black Adidas trainers.

He charged towards Terrence but Air Marshall, Max Hayes, held him down. Max was thirty two, had blonde hair, hazel eyes, wore a white shirt, blue and black stripped tie, black blazer, black trousers and black shoes.

Alice and a flight attendent, Diego Mann, ran over to assist. The plane shook a bit but then rested. Diego was in his late fifties, had grey hair, brown eyes, wore a white shirt, black tie, brown gloves, his name tag on the left side of his chest, blue trousers and black shoes.

Max pulled out a black taser and held it at Eggert's head as a warning.

The plane shook again but with more force. The pilots in the cockpit were trying to get contact but none was coming through.

Lori Miller covered Sonic Miller's ears. The plane then gave a violent shake and all the luggage fell out of the compartments. Gertrude got up and ran to the cockpit. The two pilots tried to steer the plane but it wasn't working. Dakota looked outside and saw an army of Corpses heading their way.

The cockpit was starting to break apart. Gertrude just made it out before it broke away and took the pilots with them. Diego closed the door and locked it tight.

Juliette saw the engine burst into flames. The plane went on a long spiral, knocking out George Miller in the process.

Gertrude woke up on the snow. Her vision was blurred at first but then it came to focus to see Dakota, Max and Griffin Landry standing over her. Griffin was in his early thirties, brown hair, blue eyes, wore a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes.

"Did the plane crash?", Gertrude asked.

"Yeah, it landed too hard. You fell out of a window but you got lucky", Max replied.

"What has happened lately?", Gertrude asked Griffin.

"You hit the snow pretty hard which caused your shin to snap. I fixed it up the best I could. There are other survivors, but unfortunately the casualties were high", he replied.

"How many", Gertrude asked.

"One hundred and twenty four", Dakota answered.

Gertrude stood up, with the help of Dakota, and looked at her surroundings. They were near Mount Everest. The snow went up to their ankles which was fucking freezing. The crash site wasn't pleasant.

Gertrude and Dakota approached the site. The plane was in large pieces. The cockpit was missing, the tail was completely bent and the mid section was literally torn apart like as if a dragon caused it. Survivors were scattered and scared. The bodies on the ground didn't help.

Bobbie Richardson, who was thirty two, had brown short hair, hazel eyes, wore a large skull t-shirt, purple shorts and brown boots. She was helping Tim Lawrence, who was in his late sixties, had short grey hair, grey beard, blue eyes, wore a blue jumper, red trousers, orange trainers and a gold digital watch.

Acco Strick, who was in his mid forties, black hair, green eyes, wore a red large winter coat, blue joggers and grey boots, was helping Diego look after Caitlyn Mendez, who was nine, had blonde hair, blue eyes, wore a pink Hello Kitty t-shirt, blue jeans and green trainers. Alice was found dead next to the tail. It seemed as though a pipe impaled her through the abdomen and she later died from blood loss.

Daniela Abend and Theodor Abend tended to Eggert's head wound, with the help of Rayan. Daniela was in her mid thirties, had brown hair, blue eyes and wore a police shirt, police shoes but blue jeans. Theodor was forty two, had brown hair, blue eyes, wore a Rick and Morty t-shirt, blue joggers and black shoes.

Juliette finished sobbing over Terrence's body. He had his whole body burned to a crisp. Gertrude hugged Juliette to make her feel better which it did a little bit.

Gertrude walked over to a shaken Lori. Lilly Miller, Bethany Miller and Jack Miller were putting everything on an emergency sleigh. George and Sonic had passed out. Elijah Miller looked after them.

"You guys should stay with us, safety in numbers. Please", Gertrude begged.

"We've made our decision. George and my baby need help and the fucking cold ain't helping. We're gonna try and make it to Washington. There should be an evacuation boat", Lori said.

Gertrude looked confused. "Evacuation boat?", she asked.

"Dead people are rising. This is goodbye", Lori said and with that, Michelle Miller and Alexa Miller steered the sleigh and the Millers disappeared.

Terrence was starting to move again. Juliette saw him and smiled. But then he tackled her and was trying to bite her neck. Gertrude pulled out her suitcase, which was thankfully not damaged, and opened. She pulled out a shotgun and blew off Terrence's head. The rest of his charred body flopped on Juliette.

Max held a Glock 17 at Gertrude and she aimed back, only to put down Alice. "You have some answers to give us", Max said.

Gertrude put her gun down and tied her hair back. "Let's find a cave and then I will provide answers", She said.

Dakota smiled at Gertrude and said "Let me help".

Rayan held his hand up to volunteer too. Max and Tim also volunteered. They packed their bags and went off with Gertrude and Dakota in front.

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