jennifer-riggs Jennifer Riggs

3313: plague art series book 2 A Collection of abstract poetry and writings written by jennifer riggs.. they all are original abstract works

Poésie Satire Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.
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Beautiful progress in the making

Beautiful progress in the making, strength is very valuablshoulders. e strongest person that exist.

When I stood up my legs hurt I swear one of my femurs crushed

My stregnth is actually up, I'm the strongest I miss my dad, miss him dearly

The flowers smell nice to me every now and then

I thought I was liked I thought that love was make believe thing and I knew I wasn't loved

I'm not cherished, I don't play I was standing to myself when I realised I needed to disappear

From where I was at. The orange fruit got juice on my hand.

I had to disappear from there the jelocystealing, lies, backstabbing, the

Running over me, the invasion of my privacy, the sickness of the people I was around was enough to tell

them not to bother me and stay away.bthwor sicknesses are worse than any of my mental health ever

was. No kidding.i decided to take a shower. I left a long time ago and I ain't coming back.

I decided it's better for me to stay gone out of myself, left and good.

I wandered into a mess when I came back home I wandered in to a hole in the ground to hide from

them. Something's are important to me like my rank and rate. I worked hard and earned everybit of my

rank and rate for myself.

They act like children in the house and they have attack me just because they are to childish to be in my

life. I don't share things with anyone I'm not a christian I'm not willing to be.

I feel like they are children that turned into animals and attacked just because I'm differeT not appart of

they family and not willing to be I've been treated wrong very badly crimes against me have not been

taken seriously and I've reported. It's bc of them it's bc the ppl in the house as to why I've been denied

justice in their favor. Instead you think it's right to take my freedom and not prosecuting against the

crime against me and they get to stay free. Looks like I'm being treated Wrongfully, I'm being told that

an opinion that I'm crazy is taken at word and my freedom got taken again when I got called a liar and

treated unfairly because I was molested Guess from now on sinse they won't prosecute rape or child

theft my business is my busness and I will not give them any more opportunities to proawcute crime

against me. I guess it's socially acceptable for crimea having to been committed to be

committed. Do no matter what from now on ainse pleanty of opportunities were given by my being

honest and making a tip or complaint that it's not there business no more I won't report the truth again

because apparently I need to keep my business private and to myself from now on.

The progress I'm making towards complete privacy and not reporting any crime any more bc I don't

need to tell anyone any of my Bbusiness again. It's not their business or concern. What I'm doing ain't

their business bc when I was being physically abused it wasn't their concern or business neither is my

child theft or rape case. Thanks for.being bad people and thanks for

LDidn't mean to report to you any of my personal private business. Ping wrong because the wrong you

commit in life is on your shoulders I NVR commit wrong I've always done right so I know I get good on

my shoulder. While you get bad on yours for being guilty of committing the crime I reported bc u didn't


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