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Autumn Walk

It was a day after school. Kids were packing items and rushing to go out as fast as possible. It was the last day before weekends. There was alot of possibility. Just the sheer potential of what you can do on weekend. Everybody was tired after the school week, and everybody wanted to go get some dopamine. And now, the last kids were packing up. Only three left, two, and one. That's it. There was only one who didn't pack up yet. It was the silent kid.

The silent kid in school hierarchy is a person who barely speaks with anyone, barely anybody even treats them as a human like everyone. Those are people, who didn't need friends. They find time-passing in trying to create their own works. It doesn't matter be it videos of them playing games filmed on a really, really old camera in elementary school, little games in middle school, or IT start-ups in highschool. They get some dopamine out of creating. The thought of other people stumbling upon your work. Other people, with their own very complex mind, backstory, mood in that time period. That was an interesting thing to philosopherize about.

This silent kid wasn't hurrying anywhere. The sole thing that allowed it was the fact that they didn't have any after school additional practice lessons from up for comission teachers. But if we ignore that, we can find much more interesting reasons.

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