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"That look makes me wanna ride you deep and hard. Make that sweet juicy pussy cum all over my dick." Those were among words he said to me the first time we met. He was vulgar, narcisit even racist. However I couldn't help myself but be interested in him. And soon he was consuming my body, my mind and my entire life. Theo was beyond my wildest dreams. Only greatest love needs great power to keep it going.

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The Goddess

The moment I stepped inside Mitchells Lounge my spider senses started tingling.

It was Friday and the place was packed to the brim. There was a band playing and a singer singing about coming home to his ladylove, couples populated the dancing floor swaying to the love song. My senses went into haywire as I stood in the middle of the lounge looking around. I had to find out what or who made my senses work overtime. That is when I saw her behind the bar. With her back to me I didn’t see much but I knew she was the cause of my tingling, there was that pull I couldn’t ignore. Before I could move in her direction an arm flung across my shoulders and I turned to face Oba, Mitchell’s head of security who enforces order in this place.

“Hey my broda! It’s good to see you eeh?” Oba was a huge Nigerian man who has been in Mitchell’s employment for as long as he set foot in this country.

“Oba. It’s good to see you too brother. Been awhile.”

“These eyes have not seen you in a long time my broda. Mr. Mitchell is waiting for you upstairs.” He said pointing to the elevators because he knew whom I came to see. I nodded my thanks and patted his back when I turned to go upstairs I looked in the direction of the bar but I couldn’t see her anymore still I intended to have a face to face with her before I left New York.

“Hey Sarge.” I said as soon as I get inside the office. Mitchell stood up and we give each other man hugs.

“It’s been a long time soldier.” Mitchell retorted pulling me for a man hug, which I returned heartily.

“I see the place looks a lot different these days. I have been away too long it seems.” I commented

“Yes, you been really busy making money. It had to get you information for you to show your ass here.” He complained in good humor.

I shrugged my shoulders perching my butt on his humongous Oak desk and looked around his office. Mitchell ran one of the most sophisticated covet intelligence firms. He’s not your usual PI guy. He’s the guy you call when you need to take a deep dive on CEO’s of companies. Today I needed information badly, so here I was.

“Sorry Sarge. I will remedy that. Someone caught my eye downstairs. I think I will be back for her.” I told him watching his reaction

“What caught your eye soldier? Whomever it better not be any of my staff.” He cautioned

“I’m afraid it is. She was wearing them black and white tees on them skinny jeans.” I explained to him

“Who Stephanie? The busty blond?” he broke out laughing. “She ain’t your type.” He said dismissively

“Not her. Short stuff, dark caramel skin, sweet fat ass and poofy curly hair on her head.” I described her to him. All of sudden Mitchell stiffened; he stood abruptly sending his chair down. He advanced to me stood only inches from me.

“You’ll stay away from her soldier.” He bit out.

“Why Sarge? Is she yours?” I asked him calmly

“You’ll stand down soldier. No more questions.” He gritted out as my commanding officer I should do as he asks but not his one. This one I’m more than intrigued.

Before I could say something else he raised his hand to stop me.

“Stay away from that one soldier she’s in my charge.” he said with authority

“So she’s not yours. Was she yours or do you have interest in her of that nature Sarge?” I stood up to my full six feet five. I looked down at my former commanding officer at his six feet three. Not to show disrespect but just to stand my ground firm.

“Stay away from her. She’s a goddamn good woman. She doesn’t have a heart to be tossed around by a bored married playboy.” He insisted

“For the record I’m divorced. And i'm a goddamn good man. If I may say so myself.”

Mitchell considered me for a moment and gave a slight nod, which was his way of saying that he agreed with me.

“I promise Sarge I’ll treat her with all due respect.” I replied carefully. The fact that Mitchell protects her so much only served to energize my resolve. I decided immediately she was worth the risk. I’ll make her mine. Mitchell was well aware of my marriage status so I fully understood his need to protect this mystery lady, as I was free but not entirely.

Mitchell just looked at me for longest time eventually he nodded his understanding of my decision. I wasn’t asking him for permission, I was telling him my decision. Anticipation coerced through my body hitting up my body just at the idea of meeting her face to face.

“Now focus soldier.” Mitchell’s commanding voice brought me back to business that I came to discuss with him. I turned and gave him the attention he demanded.

* * *

After concluding my meeting with Mitchell I bade him farewell and quickly went downstairs straight to the bar where the object of my infatuation was. The counter was packed with customers calling out their orders to the three bartenders busy attending them. The lady in question was more so busier as many customers were shouting her name wanting her attention. Asia. She had an arresting personality guileless sweetness and openness I haven’t seen in a female for a long time.

I nearly lost it when I saw a dude grasping her hand and pulling her to him, but my girl wouldn’t have any of his shenanigans she snatched her hand and talked him down. I loved her spirit. I love myself a woman with fire.

"Hey girlie." I called out to her but she didn't even turn my way though I knew she heard me.

"What can I get you sweetheart?" Asked the busty blond with enticing smile, I snapped my fingers trying to remember her name which I read on her nametag. Ooh yes Stephanie.

"Thanks sweetheart I want her if you don’t mind." I replied pointing my finger to Asia while giving Stephanie my most encouraging smile.

She couldn't hide her disappointment however she recovered quickly and flashed me that smile. "Ooh sure. Let me get her for you." She said and walked away towards the stubborn woman. They engaged in a short almost heated conversation before she finally turned and walked towards me narrowing her eyes.

"What can I get for you?" She asked all business. I liked her sassy style.

"Your best tequila two shots goddess." I drawled, she looked at me sharply upon hearing the endearment. Her whiskey brown eyes were stormy literally changing colors as I held her gaze until she turned to take care of my order.

She slid two shots at me and asked, "is there anything else I can get you cowboy?" Her tone was dripping with sweet sarcasm.

"You." I smirked. I knew I was pushing it when I saw a flash of anger briefly in her expressive eyes.

"Excuse me?" She was sweetly polite even though she held herself apart from the scene. Like a queen to her subjects.

"You heard me goddess. I want you. Stay right here by me." I winked at her and downed the shots in quick succession my eyes never leaving her beautiful face and her stormy whiskey brown eyes.

"Dude, I can't be your personal bartender. I got other customers to attend to. We're packed tonight." She tried to sound reasonable and diplomatic. However something nudged me to push her, I wanted to see that passion that I thought I glimpsed in her eyes. Before I thought about it my hand shot and captured hers on top of the bar counter. A zing of electricity hit both of us, the carnal awareness remained between us could not be dismissed. I held my hand firmly on top of hers while watching her eyes, which were shielded by her long lashes. I held firm when she tried to pull it out.

"Goddess, keep them drinks coming. And make it a double yours and mine." I said leaning in towards her. She narrowed her eyes and looked down at our touching hands before snatching hers away from mine, successfullythis time. Yeah, there's definitely something here. I thought and from her reaction, I was not the only one that got zapped. I smirked with that knowledge.

"Thank you but I don’t drink while I'm on clock." She said politely but firmly averting her eyes from me. Effectively dismissing me. No, no, she has to be looking at me. Eyes on me goddess. I thought.

"No goddess you will sit that fat brown ass of yours right here and cater for me until I'm good and done." I sneered deliberately to raise her ire.

"Asshole. I'm not your personal servant, never will I be. Take your racist ass out of here before I call Oba on you!" She gritted her teeth. Goddamn those stormy brown eyes were full on dark with anger turning them to dark amber. So fucking beautiful. I sit back in awe letting all the tingling simmer down.

“Wow. So much fire goddess. That look you just gave me. I'll never get tired of seeing it goddess." I said leaning in by her ear so that only she can hear my words. She heeled back but I held on to her hand blocking her movement. "That look makes me wanna ride you deep and hard. Make that sweet juicy pussy cum all over my dick." I laid it out thick on her, she tried to pull away but I held fast. She raised her stormy eyes shining with anger and I had an inkling that if she didn’t hold on her temper she would be screaming murder at me.

"Yes goddess. That day is coming you will be in my arms. And you will come apart." I promised this while looking deeply in her eyes and fuck me, those eyes changed again to reddish dark brown kinda like sepia with apparent lust. I smirked satisfied but before I could say anything else my phone started buzzing. She took that opportunity that I was distracted and pulled her hand away from me. Her face was stormy with anger but she looked so beautiful, I committed her image in my brain. As I checked my phone I already knew who it was before I saw the name on the screen. My ride is here.

"I'll see you again goddess. Soon." I promised as I slipped a hundred bill on the counter to take care of my drinks leaving her with a stunned look on her face.

Yes I'll be back to claim my goddess.

"You got lousy timing Mackenzie." I muttered as I walked out of the bar.

My mind was already planning the next steps until I make my promise come true. However at that time I had a business to attend.

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