Kriszy Kixz

Trying to right his wrongs after a life on the wrong side of the tracks getting in touch with his creative side while locked away in prison

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Cruel dream

We all have dreams

It seems

Well at least once I really did

Only sixteen dropped out wrong route

Now already living the life

Living at home my brother like I did so many times even though

Sometimes I still feel alone

What the hell is wrong?

I cannot break free as I begin to see

My mind blatantly wondering

Through my cruel dreams


Close friends committed suicide

Everybody od’n and dyin

What the hell is going on?

Is this my cruel dream?

Or reality

So blindly

It hit me

So hard cannot see

What once was

But now


Unable to believe

Wat once was us now is only


My thoughts

Today like many other days

Brings special thoughts of you

Of happy times we shared

And caring things you used to do

And once more, it’s a reminder

That life’s road is sometimes rough

Because the time we shared

Just wasn’t long enough

For you were someone special

Who was thought so highly of

You’ll always be remembered

With affection warmth and love

I’m sending thoughts of you to you

I hope you know your missed more

than my words could ever say.


Here I wake in the moss after I hibernate,

I had a rebirth into a animal state then I had to adapt to my new self

I had to save the world before the dark water disease spread.

We the animals

Doin a bit now wait till the day I be out

I show you wat I be about

Blood new reformed

Rebel rebel n yell

I got a story to tell

As I sit in my cell


These acid tears burn my face

Oh how I long to leave this place

You think it’s a race

I sneak up behind smack you in the face

Knock that nasty taste out your mouth quicker than toothpaste

Why you at home nodded off on your crapper

I’m out there gettin mine collecting mine, money

24 hours nine to nine

We the animals.


I got a story to tell

As I sit here I am living in

Anguish like a deadly disease sickness it’s contagious

Every day I wake up fighting my inner fears confined in my 8 x 7 shedding these bitter sweet tears, that are burning my face oh how I long to leave this awful place, overhead loudspeaker crackling above,

broadcast and exist flashes not real wats real, it’s all fucked five minutes to lock down go to my sell Go to myself, Lying in bed

Lost in the big smoke

From this glass

Beat my dick thinking of her ass how I want a piece, these thoughts in my head, they too shall pass

How long I wonder.

A sleep until the next day & I spring from my slumber and

I realize, real eyes, Real lies.

Stay or go

Now do I stay?

or do I go?

That’s my dilemma

and traffic is picking up

If I don’t leave I’m gonna get stuck

So I speed off...

We talk barely, it seems awkward I got too much drive

Don’t want to steer off path and get distracted

but I listen to the weatherman

because it might rain.

keep my windshield wipers prepared because y’all throw so much shade

and I got jacked in a truck in a trunk

but that’s all a front better watch out

Everyone is sheep

me I am a lone wolf nobody gonna make a peep.

Because everyone wants a piece.

Since everyone is asleep not cool

I’d rather

be drowned in a pool by myself thank fuck with fleece

A bit

I got faith in you

So put your pretty little hand in mine were a sure thing baby

Just want to make you happy

Yo-yo doing a bit now wait till the day get out

I will show you what I’m about

I’d be about to be rolling with the hardest crew

118 going to chew right through you,

You’re dodging the boys supporting the red and blue

Yeah you think it’s a race

And I’m keepin a steady pace

This is white rap what is right

J dizzy battling on this audio Mike

We coming to the city

Taken over your blocks with 45 glocks and sawed off stocks

I’m out there getting mine

24 hours 9 to 9 baby I got u & ur mine a definite dime.

so watch out cus together we’re gonna outshine you’re shine

yeah yeah yeah.

that’s an acappella.

So give me a beat boss in Kickin it harder

Free me

Sometimes I feel like u can see right threw the mask of the darkest part of my soul

Tame my demons

Even though I can’t ever be tamed

You always know how to make me feel better

I was broken I was choking

I was bleeding quit believing

Now I’m back

You saved my life

I thought once didn’t have to think twice

I will say it again you saved me

You saved my life

Whatever she wanted

I wanted

and nothing else mattered

because we were in love

Love hard hard like....

My heart it feels shattered

My mind is all scattered

Ur my only cure

my heart bleeds for and has deep needs for dirty deeds on your knees

Save me again so I can be freed

Stay hungry

I wake up every morning


Chasen all my dreams

Nobody could ever stop me


I’m a fucking beast

And living in this concrete jungle surrounded by concrete & pain and constant struggle

If you walk through the garden you better watch your back

I’m staring in the mirror if the walls could talk these walls

must be talking

because I can hear them like there stalkin

your last chance

Come on

Keep it real

When I’m gone

Don’t mourn

Just carry-on

because I’m gonna lift off don’t give a fuck if you pissed off

I make a fuckin scene on your fucking parade

I’m the general just making sure my soldiers are street

You were dying to live

and I’m livin today

So fuck you

I am your favourite rappers favourite rapper

cause I’m out there getting mine 24 hours 9 to 9

Keep it up I know you love it

You love watching me shine.& rise to the top spin u like a top climb on top with your perfect straddle get ready to battle soldier up pay up I’m here to stay up up on top jdizzy beats drop

Tic toc I’ll never stop


Lying to myself trying to search my soul

Tired of living hell

And losing all control, caught up in the world of pain and drug addiction

If I lose my girl it will be self-inflicted I could shed 1 million tears or turn my life around

Or slowly disappear and be lost and never found

It took me all this time

Just for me to see

The little bit of light that she gave to me, it’s getting brighter by the minute as things became clearer

I can finally say I did it

As judgment day is near

And when the truth comes out

You can say I told you so the devil no longer drives this boat as I am finally in control

Sitting in a concrete cell

For this day I dwell

Sitting in a lonely cell

Good is heaven

Evil is hell

I slept in the dark

In this silent night

I’m holding my temper

Trying not to fight

Locked in tight

Warlike fires


Raging desires

I can’t wait

Until my



My angel

Do you know you have opened my heart and held it so dear you are my angel and I will always keep you near,

You have seen my ups and downs when I was in struggle you are my angel,

I just need you to know you entered my life through a ray of sunshine up and above

And when we leave we will leave together in love

My love for you have become my reason to be

I hope one day you’ll find an angel in me,

As we embrace the dark nights

My head tilts closer to you

My heartbeats to our kiss

Is the rhyme melody in my heart when I’m with You

My one and only

My one and only

I know your my one and only

I’ve truly found you

Love you forever

And every moment of forever

When everything else crumbles

I will never leave your side

I’m your armour to protect you

From harm like you are to me a lucky charm

For you are my heart

My soul baby

You are my whole world


I love you baby

In 1 million ways 1 million things that I could say and repeat them every single day

but I’m gone sum it up to you sculpted together like $1 billion dollar art,

frauds with no award we on the first day I met you, you hijacked my heart and from that day on you have held on so solidly tight,

not a thing that will stop us for the chance to restart,

We’re the perfect couple,

The way our hearts have wrestled like a war vessel in battle,

Just jump on my muscle in your perfect straddle hold on tight,

Cause when I blast we always hold fast,

Kiss kiss bang bang

You know thats our thang, forever and one day

We’ll shine like the stars way up there in the dark sky

So hold strong till the day I die

Good or bad thick or thin hold or draw lose or win you can be the talk I’ll be the walk,

Baby this is hard for me more than you will ever know I fell for you hard, you showed me the meaning of love

Something I have never known

I hope you believe what I say

cus I want you by my side

Each and every single day

Loving you is so easy

You make me so proud ,

They said we wouldn’t last

But God is on our side

He forgot about our past

Lose your turn

I’m playing my hand he’s dealing the cards

This is Jail don’t shake it rough do your time it’s not that tough someone teach me the others will learn some will win as others burn you don’t lose your girl you just lose your turn


Your touch, your skin where do I begin

every thing we’ve been everything

we’ve been through

Fuck baby

I’m missing you

When I get down on one knee

Don’t be scared My love

Just close your eyes

Take my hand and walk with me

Ride with me

Live with me

Die with me

Marry me

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