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I've been searching for the one my whole life.But none of my marriages seemed to go past our wedding night.But I want more I want my happily ever after.Is it too much to ask not to die as a Virgin?

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

#bible #happiness #cured #cursed #death #demons #Love
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Chapter 1

When I was a little girl I watched fairytales.From sleeping beauty to Cinderella and snowwhite.They were all whisked away by a handsome man on a horse.

And they would live happily ever after.I would dream for that. The Bible also had fairytale moments.

Like the story of Abraham and Sarah who laid to rest with her when she passed away.

This is not a story of how my husband is cruel ogre of a man.No I have had six husbands and I want to tell you about my life.

And why my new husband(Vincent) and I made the decisions we made for our happily ever after.

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