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How To Really Put It Down On Your Man

Sometimes there's a difference between making love and have sex. It doesn't matter if your married or just in a relationship ship or if yall are just fuck buddies. Makeing love is what I like to call a blessing from the lord its were you found the love of you life and you wouldn't have found that person if it wasn't for the lord above So... if your feeling one another an yall are in the mode light your candles an place them an grab you some ropes for all four corners of the bed an make you some ice an make sure you have baby oil in the cabinet get your whip cream in the fridge so its nice an cold.... take your shower make sure shave from shoulders on down . after you get out throw you a towel around and dry your self . After your done drying off slip you some hills on and rub lotion on your legs softly cause it'll turn you on even more . After your done throw your hair in a bun an thrown your face mask on . After that throw your see through robes on lady's. When your man walks in that door from work meat him at the door an take his cloths off and walk him to that shower an turn it on for him an give him a shower . then dry him then take him to yall room and tye him up and work him like he's never had it before. Don't let him cum when he want get him clos with you mouth a few times make sure u such on his balls at the same time . Thats what I call a three in one . then take your ice and whip cream an put a cube in your mouth sucking on it poking out and rub it on his nipples then take ur whip cream and put it on his dick an suck

really hard to where he's screaming your name not to stop cause he's about to come ones he starts to come in ur mouth with the whipped cream don't swallow right away when starts to come wait till he's done then spit it on him or swallow it then u go for another round this time grab your whips or belts lady's untye him make turn over an tye him back up rub baby oil all over him and spank him enough to make that ass of his red then once your done spreed that ass and lick him up and down from the back an if he's complaining shove a tye are your thongs in his mouth then when you got him hornyenough untye him make him pick up an turn you upside down rap your legs around him from the back an throw your ass in a circle don't let him come right away make him wait again. Its all in your control not his Make him want more don't give up lady's cause its not going to satisfy you today the end ... let's just say men first cause at the end he will make you feel so good because he wants another taste of what you just gave him . Now you have a makeing love an having sex or just a fuck thing all in one

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