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My heart is broken

My chicks are full of tears

My mind is in a mess

You ruined my every hope

and thought

Kene ke ithaya gore otlaba

mosadi wame wa makhonthe

fela,kene ke ijesa dijo tsa ditoro

I never loved anyone as

i loved you my dear

Since the time you have

left me

i have lost all my cheer

Pelo yame e elela madi

Mahlo ame ahloka boroko

You made me realize the

meaning of love

The true meaning of

affection in life

Without you the is no life

Without you now,i

won't survive

Because i loved you

Life looks like a stone

Without emotions in heart

We were so happy in the

love nest

Empa ka puo ya setswana

gotwe "Gago mosola go lelela

sengwe se setseng se

senyegile ineele"

There is nothing pure than love

Nothing pure as an innocent smile

Why did you turn the tide

And broke my heart in vain

You chose a bath where

we can't meet

The days are gone when

there was love

Love is a game

Sometimes you win

Something you lose

You are a good pretender

Falling down is part of life

All your promises were lies

Ka ithaya ka la morena

go boeng ga gago tlabe

ele bolwetse fela

Maybe i was not good

enough for you

Or maybe i was not

man enough for you

Ditsala tsame di ntlhanametse

Bakeng sa gao

Gake sa fiwa hlompho

Gakesa fiwa lerato

Bophelo bo boima

Morena nthuse

Serala wase namela ebile

wase fologa

Tsatsi lagao la katlholo

letla fitlha

Onkutlwisitse botlhoko

Fela gotla loka

May God be with you

I don't have much to say

Just a silent tears

You will miss me when

i become priceless to another

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