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Kama Sutra -'Love Formula'

Dr.Steven Skyler ,MD is a versatile genius distinguished reputed author .They are medical doctor.Skyler has written this book Kama Sutra for illumination of readers.

Kama Sutra -'Love Formula' .

Kama in sanskrit language means love and sutra means formula.Every man and woman desire sex and love and want to achieve satisfaction in it. A man has chief sexual organs of penis and testicles.He looks at a woman with full grown breasts ,nipples and a woman's pubis and wants to copulate her . The breasts of full grown size luscious red lips ,long soft hair , broad hips and a fragrant body are the prime sexually arousing features of the woman counterpart. A man and woman indulge in coitation frequently to satisfy their sexual desires . Passionate sex is preceeded by amorous foreplay .Kissing mouth to mouth ,patting of the buttocks , squeezing of the female's breasts are a few methods of foreplay. The main act of sex involves the male penis being put into the female vagina and followed by to and fro motion and the arousal of nerve endings and culmination by male ejaculation of sperms in semen into the female vagina . A sense of satisfaction pervades the male and female brains by the release of a groupof chemicals called endorphins . In this Kama Sutra the readers are advised for 1) healthy nutrition of cereals ,fibrous fruits and fish. 2) regular routine exercise - yoga is preferred more. 3) proper recreation in green parks. 4) regular jogging .5) For health problems - consulting a general physician or sexologist .

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Steven Skyler Skyler A versatile genius.Prolific writer with vast extensive knowledge on various diverse subjects and topics.The writer is a scholar ,vedic scholar ,a doctorate and a medical doctor too. Writers need generous grants from readers ,fans and admirers. Donations to this writer can be made through the paying apps like Google pay ,Paytm and Phone pe to the mobile number of +918897891396

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