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Titanic sinking and rescue operations

It was the night of April 14th 1912, and RMS Titanic was steaming full steam ahead through the icy water on the debris field in the North Atlantic. 11:40pm: Lookout Frederick Fleet was on lookout and he saw the iceberg, when he saw the iceberg he immediately rang the bell and then rang the wheelhouse. Frederick Fleet said "ICEBERG! DEAD AHEAD". 1st officer Murdoch ordered Quartermaster Robert Hichens to go 'HARD A STARBOARD' to try and port round the iceberg. Then she hit. Captain Smith came out and asked what had happened, Murdoch explained and then Smith ordered the watertight doors to be shut.

April 15th 1912:

Captain Smith and Thomas Andrews checked the ship for any damage and there was. Thomas Andrews got the blueprints out and said "Titanic can not withstand 5 compartments flooded! Its a mathematical certainty Titanic will founder". At the time 4 compartments were flooded. Smith ordered the lifeboats to be prepared and lowered. Charles Lightoller ordered Women and Children first. As Titanic casually starts going down by her head the 1st flare is shot off as well as the 1st lifeboat was lowered. Smith asked Jack Phillips if he could send out CQD signals and tell him who responds. After time, the RMS Carpathia responds saying they are on there way full steam ahead they should get there in 4 hours.

April 15th 1912: 02:20am RMS Titanic is now in a horizontal position, and the electricity goes out. Titanic snaps in half. All you can hear is screams of terror all around you like a nightmare that never ends. The stern section breaks free and starts to sink vertically. By 02:20am Titanic has fully sank.

Carpathia to the Rescue

By 4am, RMS Carpathia arrived to collect the 712 survivors out of 2208 passengers that was on board the Titanic. Carpathia's crew and passengers provides blankets and hot cups of tea to the remaining traumatized survivors. By 8 am Carpathia was off to New York City to deliver the survivors to New York City and to confirm RMS Titanic has sank.

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