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It’s about a girl who got a diagnosis call wall syndrome. All you would see were walls. The nurses were able to make a cure for me, I was able to see after the surgery, then everything changed to normal and I was able to see my parents, friends, and even my homework! This is a fake story, so don’t believe it, okay

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The Wall

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t stop imagining walls in my face. Down the stairs, down the hall, and even the bathroom. I couldn’t see the toilet but the walls.

That morning, two years later with a diagnosis saying that I see walls everywhere but my body. It was bearable. My Mom, aka, the small wall was saying that food is done. The food was all smaller walls that are on a bigger wall, and even bigger. After finishing my walls, aka, my food, I went back to study. My Dad yelled and said, “do you need help with your Exam.”

I said, “no, not really, ill ask if I need it.” My Dad was disappointed and sad of my diagnosis. I don't mind but I just wish to see my family one year, but that probably won’t come true.

The next day, my Mom, Dad, and I went to the store to shop for:

  • Milk

  • Bread

  • Bananas and even a gift card for Fortnite

After shopping, all of us went and packed the walls into the wall, aka, the food into the trunk of the car. I sat in the car waiting for my parents until I had a headache of walls everywhere and turning pitch black. I yelled for Mom and Dad, and said I can’t see, Mom, I’m changing pitch black. After a second, I past-out. Mom was scared and yelled for dad but i couldn’t think what to do. I just sat there doing nothing to save my life, is it a lack of energy or food?

One hour later, I woke up confused, because I only was able to see walls. My mother and father were prized that I woke up and the nurses came up to me. The nurses gave me medicine and gave me water, they inserted the IV in and made me vomit. It was so nauseous and sick feeling in my belly, Mom and Dad were worried, and said to the nurses, “what’s happening to my daughter,” they replied, “she may have a relapse of the wall diagnosis and other medicines.” All of them were looking at me sadly. I said, “may I rest for a little bit.” The nurse said, “yes you may.”

After a while, I woke up, my parents were in my face. I was nervous. I said to them, “Why are you look at me that way?” My parent repeated that they got a cure for my wall diagnosis, but they say it’ll take five years.

Dear diary, They say that it’ll take five years for a cure for my wall diagnosis. I just think, what will my parents be like that ill see them soon. I hope I feel like a human after it’s all over. My parents said that, “i hope you have a good life after you are able to see us, you are a lucky girl!

The next morning, the nurses discharged me with a diagnosis, they all started a cure and going to take two years to finish it.

My Mom yelled that “hey Adrien, it’s lunchtime, come down here before your walls get cold.” When I got downstairs, I started to get a headache. Why am I was getting these headaches, they hurt. I started to fainting onto the floor, my mom found me fainted on the floor and she cried. My mom called the Ambulance and I was wheeled into a bed and IVs in. When I woke up, I was confused about why I’m here for. When someone came in crying, she said, “are you okay.” I said, “yeah, and who is by the way,” I replied. I was confused why she was crying and why I’m here, the nurses said, “she might not remember her family and who she is. “The doctors say she’s fine, but she’ll need some time to recover.” Said, the nurse. When I got discharged, my Dad aka I don’t know him well, but my Mom said that you fainted and you lost some memories.

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