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This is a short bundle of stories just made up on the spot by me about what happened after Into Another World: Rampage and between Vrykel. This story will have fluff about Rykel x Virus, Quill and Rudd, Page and her sword, and maybe some of Aunt Katherine and Gabriel. I will also take requests for these story characters.

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Oreos and Whipped Cream


Rykel jumped as she heard the booming voice so close to her ear. Glancing around the store nervously to make sure no one had seen her embarrassing moment, she turned back to the voice in her head, keeping her own voice down so that people would think she wasn't insane for talking to herself.

"What, Virus?" she asked.

They have Oreos! On the third shelf!

"We are not getting Oreos," Rykel sighed, closing her eyes. "We just had some yesterday."

But they are so good! And they're chocolate! And double stuffed! Can't we just get one more packet?

"No. We'll get something else." Rykel grinned as she could practically feel the alien goo pouting.


"I just told you!" A nearby customer glanced at her in a weird manner and stepped to the side a little. "Sorry," Rykel apologized and headed down another aisle. "Now look, you're making people stare at us," she mumbled angrily.

I like it when people look at us, the Kypos purred smoothly.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" Rykel growled as she headed towards the meat section. "But seriously, though, we need to find some sort of communication between us that won't affect others around us. Like, I don't like it when people stare at us. It's uncomfortable."

Hmm. Does this help?

Rykel could feel something tickle behind her ears and stifled a giggle. Putting her hand over her mouth to keep quiet, she waited as the blue alien goo shaped itself into what looked like air pods.

"What...what are those?"

Look, Rykel! I'm air pods, Virus replied happily. Now you will not have to worry about people staring.

Rykel smiled and genuinely blushed a little.

"Thanks, Virus," she said.



You can drink it?!?!?

"Drink what?"


"Oh, yeah. It's called hot chocolate."

Can we get it?!?

Rykel sighed as she put a package into the cart. "Fine."

Oooh! Rykel! Look! Can we get that?

Rykel turned around, looking for the source.

"What?" she asked.

That white stuff! In that long tube thing!

"Huh? Oh, you mean the whipped cream?"

Yeah! Never had that before! Can we try it?

"Virus, we don't need whipped cream," Rykel replied with a sigh.

Yes, we do! Besides, I've been through your memories and have seen you eating this stuff! You liked it.

"Yeah, but I'm not just gonna go up and buy whipped cream when we don't need it for anything."

Wait! I found something better! Look! Chocolate pie with whipped cream!

Rykel stared at the box inside of the cooler and sighed, somewhat annoyed.

"Virus, I'm going to count to three, and if you don't shut up,then I'm going to put you in the jar when we get home," she whispered.

Ooo, I'm so scared, the alien creature growled softly. Maybe you'd like me to talk about the way you can't put me in the jar longer than an hour before you begin to miss me....

"Shut up."

You're so clingy, Rykel....

"Virus, I swear, if you even think about flirting right now--"

Flirting? Oh, I am not flirting, Rykel. Only prodding at your weaknesses.

"Which happens to be whenever you flirt with me, dang it," Rykel muttered.

Imagine how good that this pie would taste, Rykel, Virus crooned, slowly inching some tendrils around the girl's arms, causing Rykel's breath to hitch at the sudden contact.

"Stop it," she whispered, glancing around. "People are going to see...."

That soft, melted chocolate with the fluffy whipped cream...Hmm, come to think of it...it paused and Rykel knew it was grinning by the way it tightened its grip around her, I'd rather eat something else right now. Something more... human. Don't you agree, Rykel?

Rykel swallowed hard, trying to stop herself from caving. She knew what Virus wanted. And Virus was playing the hard way.

"I hate it when you do this to me," she said as she opened the door and took out the chocolate pie, putting it in their basket. Virus chuckled, the tentacles receding back into its Other. "Stupid Kypos with your stupid flirting. I should cut off all your tentacles."

Oohhh, don't be like that, Rykel, Virus growled gently. You like it...

"Shut up, no, I don't," Rykel replied hastily and walked towards the self check out. "Now if you behave the whole way home, I promise I will let you eat the chocolate pie as Soo as we get home, alright?"

Rather eat you....

"Sh-shut up," Rykel whimpered. Virus chuckled.

I will behave, it said. I will be so quiet you won't even know I am here.

"Huh. That would be a miracle," Rykel said with a small smile.

Hmm....You wanna bet?

"Alright. Bet."

Oooh, challenge accepted. Rykel chuckled.

"Challenge accepted," she echoed.

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