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A tale of two friends, now mortal enemies in combat for the affections of a mysterious woman in blue. Will this damn them or will they be saved.

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Hell Hath No Fury.

It was a bright and sunny day in the forest realm. The trees were swaying in the breeze, birds were singing, the woodland creatures scurried about their business in the warm midday air, no finer picture could be painted. From atop the hillside that Morgan lay, he thought to himself,"No finer day could be had indeed. Just me, this bottle of Klovaynian wine and my thoughts." Truly this was a glorious day to be alive. He sat up and poured himself another small glass of wine and look over the lovely afternoon picnic he had prepared especially for his days leave. Before him laid out neatly in order was a fine spread for a mere soilder but Morgan had always had the taste for the finer things in life. He chuckled to himself as he picked a fresh grape from the bunch and casually placed it in his mouth before washing it down with that fine vintage.

Nothing could possibly go wrong on a day like today. There was not a squeak of trouble on the horizon Morgan thought to himself when as if fate in some malign way decided to intervene. A scream echoed out of the woodland. "Morgan dropped his drinking cup at the sheer volume and pitch of this wail that sudden broke the middays silence. "By the Gods, what in the name of all that is holy was that." Morgan picked up his blade, and threw on his shirt and ran to the sound of the scream. As he approached he could here the scream getting louder, it was most definitely that of a woman he thought to himself, maybe she is in need of rescue? Almost immediately he chastised himself for his stupidity "If she's screaming Morgan, then of course she is in need of rescuing." He allowed himself a wry smile as he turned the corner at speed his smile dissapeared, before he knew it he had barrelled head first into a forest troll and scrabbling for his blade. Before he knew it, he made eye contact with the screaming maiden, he was about to ask if she was alright when, he was unceramoniously wrenched up to the level of the ugly beasts eyes. "Good Gods you are hideous aren't you, my goodness I think that you need to go and take a wash you foul beast. From behind him he heard in a beautiful accent and very well spoken if not slightly strained voice "Your sword sir." He looked behind him as he heard the whirling steel careening through the air towards him, some how he stretched out his hand and as if guided by the magic of the old ones stuck grip first in his hand. "Whew, that was lucky." As he finished the words he felt a searing agony bring him back to reality, hit bit back a roar of sheer anger and swing his blade in a swift and deadly arc severing the beasts hold on him, not before it had, had the chance to bite a chunk out of his leg. "Bastard, that beast will now become a pile of bile and viscera" the beast although not being able to comprehend the words of the human man who had just taken off his arm in a sweep of his blade, most certainly understood the intent behind the noises that the human made. The beast turned his back on the scene as he went to flee a whirling sound again was heard as the toll turned to see what the origin of the noise had been, a sickening thud and squelching sound echoed around the forest clearing. "That will be the last thing that you shall ever see you vile fiend." Morgan said as he limped over to the now twitching corpse of the river troll that lay before him. Just for good measure he took is sword from the trolls cleaved head and removed it from its shoulders just in case.

"There, that will teach you, you ugly bastard." Morgan said as he slumped on his good knee and as if to add insult to injury to the recently deceased beast, driving his sword through the trolls skull and using it as a crutch to support his body weight. Rushing to his aid came the well poised, well spoken voice that had been the source of the screaming. "Sir, are you alright? I cannot thank you enough for coming to my aid. If you hadn't I do not think that I would have seen another day." "Mi'Lady, what kind of a knight in shining armour would i be if i did not come to the aid of a fair maiden?" as the last words of his sentence left his mouth he scanned up to be greeted by the most radiant face he had ever seen, "I must be dead or dying are you an angel come to take me to my final resting place?" A smile beamed across her face which in Morgan's dimming eyes was emblazoned before he surrendered to the darkness.

It was dark by the time morgan had opened his eyes and there was no sign of the beautiful damsel that had come to his aid although there was a nasty reminder of the encounter that he wished he hadn't of received. "Damn this leg." Although the pain had dimmed somewhat it was still noticeable that a chunk of flesh was missing due to the missing portion of his britches and the bloodstained piece of dress that acted like a tourniquet and bandage. "My goodness me, what a sorry state you are Morgan." He turned to look around and saw his friend theobaldt with his and Morgan's Horse.

"Thank the gods it you Theo, I thought it was another one of those damned river trolls.", "Ahh so that is why you are in a such a sorry state then my friend?" Morgan looked up at his friend and smiled through gritted teeth replying. "I dont suppose you could get down from you high horse and help out an old friend could you, I would be most appreciative." He regarded his friend and it was as the woman had said, his leg was 8n a state and he had lost a large amount of blood making him woozy. Theobaldt kept down and helped him to his horse. "Let's get you back to the town, the Doktor will want to take a look at that leg to insure that no rot has set in. you know those damn dirty river beasts famous for the..." before he could finish his words he found himself silenced by a roar from his friend. "Oh for the love of all that is holy Theo will you shut up and help me get back to the town. I know that my leg is mangled, i know that i am in danger of losing it so time is of the essence isn't it?" stunned into silence He clicked his heels into his steed and rode off and away in silence guiding Morgan back to the town. The two did not speak again when they got to the doktor either, theobaldt simply knocked the door and spoke briefly with the doktor who rushed out and helped Morgan into the house. "Thank you Theo." There was no response, he again clicked his heels into his steed and rode away into the night. before he could react the doktor and his assistants ushered him in to the lab for an examination.

Theobaldt, the son of the local noble in charge of the biggest and some might argue prosperous estate in the land bristled with anger at the actions of his so called friend. "Ungreatful wretch, I should have left him to rot, speaking to me like that, I thought we were supposed to be friends."

That was it Theobaldt had the bit between his teeth now and didn't care who knew it. As he dismounted and handed his steed off to the stable hand he snapped at him. "Get him water, and have him ready to ride out at dawn." the youth jumped to it, he knew all to well what Master Theobaldts temper could be like. "Master Theobaldt, what should I tell your father, he is expecting you to dine with him this evening." Theo didn't even break stride or turn to acknowledge the poor lad when he replied. "Tell him i have gone down to the Golden Gaunlet and I shall be dining alone this evening." and with that he disappeared into the night away in the direction of the Club.

"Hold still young man do you want me to make this already nasty situation worse?" asked the Doktor. "Ahhh, I humbly, ask your forgiveness my good man it is merely quite painful." said morgan with his characteristic swagger not seemingly deminished from the events of earlier in the day. "Quite." said the doktor a slight air of annoyance to his tone that made the probing of the wound seem like he was taking great satisfaction in. Morgan thought to himself, well thought was a strong word in his current situation as due to the amount of pain he was in and the blood he had lost his mind was rushing, no not thought more along the lines of sheer panic that his brain would explode from attempting to numb the pain. as if by some form of magic the doktor looked up at morgan and rather remissingly admited, " I probably should get you some pain relief for that now shouldnt I." with that he stopped probing and went into the room adjacent to the table. he returned a short time after the sound of clinking phials, corked jars popping and rather absent minded musings and at one point he was sure he had heard the old man strike up a conversation with a book... this isn't going to end well he thought to himself but he received a calming answer from the voice beside him. "Dont worry my good man Doktor Johannhaus is the finest physician In the kingdom.

"A little bit absent minded to by the sounds of it, if I am totally honest." The Doktors Assistant looked down at him with a disapproving glare.

"Ah-ha!! I have found you at last." said the Doktor. He ran back into the room again and the clinking bottles sounded louder and more frantic this time. He came out of the room adjacent to him and was shaking a phial of foul smelling paste. There was a thud on the table at Morgans feet that sent vibrations up his leg. He stifled a shout of pain as the vibrations continued to echo through his nerves. The good Doktor looked down with a slight bow of his head he apologised and started to speak as he worked.

"This is just the stuff you will need to keep that nasty troll wound from getting infected.

With the application of the foul smelling paste stinging with a cooling effect, it was a good sting that felt like it was working.

The Doktor finished wrapping his thigh and gave him a tonic. "Drink this my lad and this will give you some rest that you need to kick start the healing. Please feel free to stay here the night and rest."

Before he could get the last words out Morgan was sound asleep.

The Doktor looked over at his assistant and said.

"We best get the guards down here, the jarl is going to want to hear of this." the assistent nodded, robbed up and then ran out to do as the Doktor bid.

"Strange times We are living in these days, strange times indeed." The Doktor cleaned his glasses as he drifted off into his thoughts.

Theobaldt had been drowning his sorrows in Klovonian Brandy all night at the club, just stewing in his anger over how ungreatful his friend had seemed...

" Surely that whelp would have perished if I had not come to his aid."

He stood up shakily after all that Klovonian Brandy was apotemt tipple and he had consumed quite a healthy number of of glasses full.

"Pahhh, let him rot." he staggered backwards as he threw a coin on the table to pay for his drink, as he turned to exit the hulking frame of a man clattered into a delicate dainty fair skinned woman knocking her on her behind. Much to the amusement of the drunken toffs that frequented the Club at this time of night.

Theobaldt inhaled sharply as if about to scream from the bottom of his lungs at the person who'd dare bump into him, when his eyes beheld a beauty dressed in pale blue. The most beautiful woman he had ever see in his life.

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