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Layla trash

A boy wakes up in a different “house” and it’s full of cute maids! However they have a creepy secret…

Horreur Horreur Adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.
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Day 1

I woke up in a princess bed. Which wasn't my bed. In fact, nobody had this bed in the house!

I then start realizing this is not my house, and I start freaking out thinking i was kidnapped!

"WHERE AM I? I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW I GOT HERE!" I said. A woman then came inside with a white plate

that has bacon and eggs on it. she was about to say something but I interrupted her.

"AHH! WHO ARE YOU!? DID YOU KIDNAP ME!?" I said once again. The woman was scared from my yelling and put the food on the bed quickly then ran out scared. She didn't say a single word! I guess she is scared of yelling though it isn't that bad...

"hmm... she didn't seem like she was gonna hurt me though... but then why I'm I here? I don't remember going into this house. All I remember is playing games with friends in my bed then falling to sleep while listening to asmr. "

I get up from the bed, forgetting about the bacon and eggs. I open the door and see 20maids sitting on wooden stools! They seem to be eating bacon and eggs. I have a shocked expression and try to tip toe over to the exit.

but... as I was close to the exit I sneezed And all of the maids saw me opening the door. Including that maid who gave me bacon and eggs. I then run out of the house and I realize... it's a kingdom!

There were so many stairs... and the maids were running at me with brooms trying to knock me out! I started running faster...

but I ended up tripping and fell on my head...

I woke up in the same bed and I looked in a mirror next to the bed. I had a bandage on my head and started to remember what happened.

but it wasn't really correct... what I thought happened was that I was trying to go somewhere and I fell of the stairs... though that wasn't it.

(it isn't creepy yet but this is the end of chapter 1. I will try to add some creepy stuff in chapter 2 so stay tuned for that)

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