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At ten years old, Elizabeth lost her family, her parents are dead, her elder brother taken by rouges, her twin went away for training when they were seven. She was made Omega because of a threat from an Alpha mastermind behind the rouge attack because of a grudge he holds against her father. Now eight years later she meets Alpha King Eros Black, when she realizes he is her mate, she runs scared, not wanting to be caught. He want's his queen. She's scared that she will be rejected once he learns who she really is. He swears to the gods above he will cherish her like she is one of the goddesses herself. Will she give him a chance? Will she let herself be caught? Will he catch her? Will he give her a chance?

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Flashback and Meeting the Mate

Elizabeth’s POV

10 years old, flashback 4 years

“Do you have to go Eli?” My small voice asks, my voice shaking slightly

“You know I do Lezzy” he replies softly hugging me, I could feel myself calm down a little

“When will you be back?” I ask tears in my eyes

“I don’t know, but if anything happens while I am gone, I will find you again, I promise on the bond of twins”

“NO, don’t do that, its dangerous to swear on the bond of twins, you know what the punishment is if you break a promise sworn on the bond of twins,” I said my eyes wide with tears

“I’m not taking it back,” He said seriously looking me in the eyes

“Take it back, Elijah,” I said with a small sob

“No,” He said looking me in the eyes, his eyes promising that he will find me again

“Please” I beg with my eyes, just wanting him to take it back so none of us get hurt


“Come on Elijah! Please don't! You know what happens! remember Ethan and Emma!" I practically yell

"Yes I do! Ethan was my friend so was Emma, but I won't let that happen to us! I swear to the Moon Goddess that I will find you again and Jackson! Ok?" He said looking me in the eyes

I nod hugging him tightly "Come back soon Eli" He nods hugging me back after a bit, he gets up and he turns and walks towards the portal mom created, and walks through, leaving me to sit there and cry.

4 years later (18 years old)

Elizabeth’s POV

“Elizabeth, Alpha King Eros will be coming soon, get ready,” The Luna said, coming into the kitchen into the living

“Yes, Luna” I reply, cleaning a shelf from the bit of dust that was there

“What have I told you, even though you are omega, doesn’t mean that you have to call me Luna” She chided gently walking in

“Sorry, I just... do it out of respect,” I said the last part quickly, rubbing the back of my neck

“Well, even though we aren’t blood-related, I will always be your Aunt, and my mate will always be your god-father,” She said walking to me hugging me gently

“Ok” I sigh softly hugging her back

“go on, get up there and get ready, maybe whoever he is bringing with him may be your mate,” She says with a sly, but happy smile

“awwww, you know how I feel about mates” I huff rolling my eyes

“Yup, I do, but it’s still fun to tease you about it,” she says giggling

“UGHHHH" I groan walking to the stairs to get ready

When I get upstairs I go to my room and get ready. I head to my closet and pull out a simple black off-the-shoulder dress, that goes down to my knees, and a pair of flats. I then get ready, by taking a shower, blow-drying my hair, and putting on a simple, natural makeup.

I sigh, making up my mind, and heading to my closet. I pull out a duffel bag and pack it with clothes, food, and water. I slid it under my bed, quickly, just as my door opens, my eyes widen.

“You look great, Elizabeth,” Luna said coming into my room, a gentle smile on her face

“Thank you,” I say taking a deep breath

~~ five minutes later, outside on the front porch~~

After standing outside on the porch for a few minutes, a black SUV comes down the roundabout driveway to pull up in front of the packhouse.

A male steps out of the driver seat and I get a quick whiff of something really really good. Before the driver can open up the back doors, the door swings open and the culprit of the scent steps out, a smirk on his face. I can see his eyes darken as his wolf comes to the surface, he looks me up and down before meeting my eyes, my eyes widen and my wolf says the one word I don't want to hear "mate" she howls in my head, I could practically feel her prancing around

“Hello Mate,” He said smirking standing in front of me, looking down at me

After a few minutes of shock, I turn on my heel quickly and run inside, My shoes hitting the ground softly, I ran to my room smirking to myself. I am surprised that he didn’t come after me, never mind I spoke too soon, I hear footsteps coming after me, but I am too quick, I quickly hide my scent, a trick that only my bloodline knows. I run to the bathroom and change into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I grab my bag and run towards the window, I jump out of it and I heard my door open just as I hit the tree line towards the forest, I hear a loud howl, an Alpha Male, or should I say a King Alpha Male calling for his mate, his Luna Queen.

I finally make it to the border, after dodging and escaping pack warriors and hunters, even the man I recognized as the Kings Royal Beta, good thing my father taught me the ins and outs of this pack before he died. I avoid the guard’s attention and run across the border, to the land between this packs and the other one next to us.

“I Omega Elizabeth Moore, formally the daughter of Delta Andrew Moore, and Delta Female Brooke Michaelson Moore, leave Black Luna, and accept the status of rouge, until I am accepted back into this pack or another, through blood initiation”

I feel the bond break with my brothers, the Alpha, the Luna, the Betas, the Gammas, their children, and the pack. I can feel their yelling for me to come back almost as much as I can hear it. I say one last goodbye before I strip and shift into my wolf, but before I run I hear my name, and I turn around. I see the Alpha and Luna standing there, I slowly walk to them, they bend down and give me one last hug, they look at me knowingly. They stand and walk away, I let out one last howl, saying goodbye, I didn’t expect a howl back from the pack, but I did, I even recognized my mates, but it wasn’t one of saying goodbye, but one of strength, love, and promise, promise that he will find me and make me his.

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