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the fire

Once up and a time there live this little girl and her mom .her mom always told her to be obedient an always be honest . one day her mom said Ann my chid i am going to be on the street for days working so you can have your dream brithday party but you have to promise that you would be obedient to what i say . ann said i promise . ann mom said dont close to stove ok and dont play around it and always know that obedient child live to see anther day .her mom went kissing her goodbye the girl playing far away from the stove but few hours latershe felt hungry some took an snack and began to eat . the next day she up saying she is going make breakfast . she dicided to make soup .she forgot her moms waring she turn on the stove and put and a pot singing songs .a momemt later she fell a sleeep forgeting to turn of the stove when she woke upback she was in the hospital with her mom over her in tears . ann said mom whats wrong mom answerd saying i told to be obedient but you did not so you forgot to turn off the and the place burn down now we are homw with no close nothing . just because of disobident. mom am sorry please forgive me

the end

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