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Diana Moore,a 18 year old (soon to be 19) princess of the mermaids. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, she assumed they are her real parents. She has a kid sis, Diana. She one year older than her, and a male best friend, Tyler Wilson. When Diana was 15 years old, her parents sent her to Paris to continue her studies. She felt dejected and sad because she is really addicted to L.A and everyone she knows, so started a new life in a new place, with new faces is what she couldn't do. After 2 years she returned to L.A completely different from the 15 year old Diana. She had a beautiful Red long hair that reached her butts. She found out about her real mother and that she's a mermaid when she was 17. She never told her parents because her mother asked her not to. She kept her secret from everyone even her friend, but not her sister. On her 19th birthday her secret was revealed. She had to leave and go to her real world to take over the kingdom, after the passing of the Queen. And then she remained a mermaid forever and got married.

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She came out of the sea and sat on the rock near her, she looked around before transforming into a human. She left the sea and went straight to her car, she zoomed off after starting the car. Her phone rang and she stretch her hand to take it. She sign before receiving the call. She answer it and connect it to her ear plugs on her ear.

"Yes.." she said after receiving the call..

"Where are you, it's almost time for Mom to wake up, she'll be angry if she doesn't find you in your room, you know she check your room first before mine.." The voice says over the phone..

She sigh and close her eyes before inhaling. She always does this, sneak out of her house every night and return early in the morning before her parents wake up. She also doesn't like it when she hides it from her parents and friends, she only told her younger sister, not like she told her willingly. Her sister caught her out while she was still on the sea. She actually followed her since she noticed her weird side.

"I'll be there soon Dylan, don't worry. I'll be there before mom wake up.." she says and Dylan sigh..

"Okay be here soon.. bye.." Dylan says..

"Bye.." she hang up and continue her drive.

She finally arrive after few minutes. She gets off her car and enter her room through the window. She take off her clothes and wear a nightie she wash her face and dry it using a dry towel. She enter her bed and sleep. After half an hour someone open her room door gently and tiptoe to kiss her cheek. She groans and slowly open her eyes. She smile when she notice the figure starring at her.

"Good morning princess.." the figure says and she smile before sitting up.

"Morning, Mom.." she says and make to get off the bed but her mom hold her hand.

"What's going on Diana, your eye balls are changing colour and your hair, did you perhaps dye your hair..." her mom ask.

"Yeah I did and don't worry am absolutely perfect." she says and release her hand from her mom's grip and heads toward the bathroom. "

"Diana!" Her mom call before she enter the bathroom. She turn and look at her..

"I love you, dear do keep that in my mind.." her mom says..

"I'll always keep it, and I love you more mom." She says and her mom nod with a smile before exiting the room. Diana enter the bathroom and brush her teeth before entering the bath tub, she transform into a mermaid.

Yes, she's not a human, she's a mermaid. Diana Moore, a 18 year old princess of the mermaid. Her real mother is a mermaid, she was raised by her uncle and Aunt because her mother asked them to raise her. Diana's life was in danger that's why she had to give her away. She only found out a year ago, when her mom suddenly asked for her, but in her dreams. She never told her parents or anyone, she said she'll wait until it's the right time.

She walked out of the bathroom and dry her body with a dry towel, she apply the lotion. And head towards the dressing room. She takes out a simple crop top and a bum short. She wear them and take out her black Snickers, she also wear them. She comes out of the dressing room and take her phone, car keys and school bag before exiting the room.She was about to go downstairs when someone called her from behind.

"Hey, Sis.." Dylan says and Diana turn to face her. Dylan smiled and moved closer to her. She is also wearing a crop top, same color as Diana's (Black), but she wore a white trouser and same Snickers as Diana's but white in color. She looked extra cute. She packed her hair into a messy bun, whereas Diana chose to not do a bun. She just let her red long hair reach her butts..

"Hey dear.." she reply with a smile..

"Your hair is becoming worse Diana, didn't mom suspect anything.." she ask..

"She did ask me if I dyed my hair, and I said I did.."Diana says and Dylan nod.

"Okay. Anyway you look beautiful today.." she says and Diana smile wider..

"Thanks baby, and you're also look beautiful.."

Dylan also smile and hold Diana's hand..

"Let's go.." she says and they leave and go downstairs..

They arrive in a dinner table, their parents were already sitting down. They summoned them to sit down and they did. They eat their food and after that got up..

"We have to go now, mom and dad.." Diana says and her parents nod..

"Okay dear.." her mom says, she and Dylan exit the door. They head towards the car. They both enter the car and the car zoom off.



Mrs Moore was about to get up when Mr Moore hold her hand. She looked back at him and he signaled her to sit down and she did.

"I went to meet Amber yesterday,," Mr Moore drop the bomb shell and Mrs Moore's jaws dropped.

"What did she say?" She ask impatiently. He sigh before turning to her.

"She was telling me about Diana's 19th birthday.." he says..

"But Andrew isn't there anything we can do, I can't lose my daughter.." she ask and Andrew close his eyes before exhaling..

"I know Teressa, but there's nothing I or we can do. It's out of my control, even Amber said she can't do anything about it. They want her back, they want Diana back. There's nothing can be done about it,," Andrew says wiping the rolling tear on Teressa's cheeks..

"I don't want to lose my daughter, Andrew. I don't want to.." She says and Andrew sigh sadly before getting up and going to Teressa, to console her. He hug her and Teressa cry on his shoulder..



Cambridge high school!!

Diana and Dylan arrive at school, the moment they step out of the car students started murmuring among themselves and admiring their beauty. They wore their sun glasses and catwalk towards the classroom..

"I just hate her,," Lisa says folding her fist behind the school wall. She look up at Diana and became even more angry when she noticed she's getting attention from all the students even her dream boyfriend, infact everyone's dream boyfriend.

The most famous senior, Tyler Wilson. Handsome, cute and with a great personality. Not to rude and not to nice either. He's the son of a businessman. He's actually not a lady's guy. He does talk to them and share a friendly relationship with them, but he always limit it. He doesn't cross the boundaries.

"Don't tell me that girl beside Dylan is Diana,," Tyler says to his friends..

"What you know her?" Alex and Max ask at the same and impatiently.Tyler look at them and sigh, they gave Tyler that 'you're joking right' look.

"Yeah I know her, she's my childhood friend. Our families were close. So I, Dylan and her became close friends, until we started high school. On our first year in highschool and last year in middle school, for Dylan. Diana left for Paris and since then I've never heard anything from her.." he says and sigh sadly..

"Wow despite the fact that she's a grown woman, she's still pretty. But that red, there's something wrong.." Tyler add and walk away with his friends.


Diana finally reached the classroom and entered, she looked around and noticed students are murmuring and staring at her.

gosh this is annoying she says and cover herself with novel she was reading, but something caught her attention.

The wrist watch and bracelet of some random guy in her class.

Memories flashed through her mind, remembering her childhood before leaving for Paris.

She was about to go to that guy when suddenly a girl beside her stopped her by holding her hand

"Hey, are you thinking of going to that guy over there," the girl points towards the direction she was looking at.

"Yea, anything wrong with that?" she ask in a calm tone.

"I'd advise you to don't go there, it won't end well.." the girl says and she sigh before focusing on her novel.

She keep on looking at him and back at the book. The girl beside her looked at her novel and also took out the same novel from her back pack.

"You also read such novels?" Diana ask and the girl turn to her with a smile before replying.

"Yeah, I always wanted to live my life in a adventurous way, seeing that it is impossible I started reading such kind of books and imagined I'm living in that world.." she says and Diana smile before focusing on her book.

Just then the class teacher enter, the students turned their gaze at her and she started the lesson.


Mr Moore walked towards the sea and he put down his bag and open it. He take out the container, he open it and pour all the seeds in that container inside the water. Few seconds after that, the mermaid with a golden tale appear.

"What do you want, Andrew" She ask impatiently..

"Well hello to you too, Amber. How are you?" He ask with a smile playing on his lips. Amber sigh before looking away.

"Just cut it already, I asked what are you doing here. You know it is dangerous.." Amber says sitting on the rock beside her.

Andrew also join her and sit down.

"Am here regarding Diana, isn't she like to young for this.." He ask.

"In our world when you're 18 you're old enough, so Diana has to do this,," She replies..

"Isn't there a way we can solve this,, I mean.."

"I know what you mean Andrew, there's no way we can solve this.."

Just then the loud sound play on her ears and she close them and her eyes real tight..

"What happened?" Andrew ask

"I have to go.." she says and jump in the water..

"But.." Andrew stutter but Amber cut it..

"Don't forget, on her birthday" she swim off, Andrew sigh before packing his bag and also leaving the sight..


Cambridge high!!

The bell ring and the students groan.

"Okay guys this is it for today, see you next time.." She pack her books and exit the door..

Diana pack her books and exit the door, she was thinking of going to Dylan but a tap on her shoulder from behind interrupted her, she turned really quick and was about to slap that person but she stopped when she saw the face, that same girl who was sitting beside her.

"Wow, easy,," the girl says. She sigh and rough her hair before turning to her.

"Am sorry,," Diana says and they start walking..

"It's okay, so do you always do this, I mean when someone tap you from behind do you freak out like this.." she ask and Diana nod before answering..

"Yeah, I don't know why.." Diana says and the girl smile before stretching her hand forward for a handshake.

"Am Katherine, nice to meet you,," Kat says and Diana smile.

"Nice to meet you too, Kat. Am Diana by the way.." she receives the handshake and after few seconds they disengage..

"Your hair is pretty,," Kat point at her hair and Diana smile.

"Thanks,," Diana simply says.

"You're Dylan's sister?" Kat ask and she turn to her.

"Yeah she's my younger sister, why asking?" She also ask her..

"It's just that you look alike, so I was just being curious. And besides your sister is the most famous junior in this school.." Kat says with a smile. Diana turn to her with the smile.

"What that brat,," she says in disbelief..

"Yeah, it's because she's always seen with a famous senior.." Kat says. Diana turn to her.

She wondered as in like a senior boyfriend or..

"It's not what you're thinking, they're not dating. Them being that close made everyone become suspicious, until they cleared it. They said they treat each other like siblings.." Kat says and Diana became even more confused..

"First time hearing of it.. Anyway who's that senior??" She ask..

"That same guy you wanted to talk to.."

"He's the one, I didn't get to see his face.." she says and sigh..

"You'll see him in the canteen, he'll probably be sitting with your sister.." Kat says and they carry on walking towards the canteen..



Dylan and her friend, Andreana where sitting quietly eating, until three guys dropped their food trays on the table and sat down facing them..

"Oh you're late today,," Dylan said looking at them..

"Why did you miss us?" Alex ask and Dylan roll her eyes whereas Andreana grin.

"Not you, I was referring to Tyler and Max,," Dylan says and Alex hold his heart and winc playfully.

"I got that one,," Alex says and they all burst into laughter.

"You're crazy dude!" Tyler says and focus on his food..

They all continue eating, talking and laughing and just then Diana and Katherine enter and some students turned their gazez on them and boys started drooling. Some girls were jealous. I mean how can a person be this beautiful like an angel, of course she's no human. But that natural red hair make her even more beautiful.

As Diana was looking around, her eyes met with Dylan's and Dylan wave at her, indicating that she should come over. Diana immediately understood and she take Kat's hand and grag her with her. They finally reached the table and they turned to her, except for Tyler who was not concentrating..

"Hey sis, sit down,," Diana nod and tell Kat who was smiling widely to sit down. Tyler looked up the moment Diana was about to sit down..

"Diana!" Tyler call and Diana was first shocked as to what she's seeing.

"Tyler, OMG it's you.." she says still in disbelief, he immediately stood up and hugged her really tight..

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