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Dream & Vision 2

Ok I just saw something in my vision some1 with purple nail open the closet drawer I think I know who she going try to split me n my true soulmate apart they will never stop this karmic really want my life to b a living hell she probably going to put a spell on me n my soulmate n my future business that I pray for father of god what I want in the future n my goal n stealing try to steal my everything that I manifest they never stop or learn n try to send spiritual monster to attack me while I was sleeping I hear my throat chakra is buzzing it sound like something is up they will keep trying to destroy me no matter what they never leave me alone spiritualy.

Dam keep hearing bad song that also after my siblings the karmic n Wich n wizard try to separate me n my siblings apart too I keep hearing bad song try those freaked karmic try desperate me n ally siblings apart specialy my parent they not themself she really want to destroy me n try make me empty with no 1.

Ok wtf this is in my new dream just now that I made me woke up it did to me appropriate way I didn like it, it was horrible it is a very gross dream it woke me up force me to do something that I don't want a guy was forcing me to do something that I don't like it was appropriate that I say it was horrible then I went back to sleep again.

Ok I was sleeping I another horrible dream people is spread roomer about me it was a lies I was say wtf everything is not true it was in my dream people keep believing roomers I try to backfire at them but it got destroy but I guess Abba tell me not to do it so I was say ok ok won't do it but it was the people at my they believe if that what they believe roomers it stil not ok it don't bother me but it was horrible but I have alot of good friends that trust me in spiritual world n my true lovely soulmate that been together with me so long spiritualy trust me completely I don't care what other think of me n spreading roomer about me that is not true I let them do what they believe don't have friends n my true love believe in me but it suck that they r invisible waiting for a surprise from Abba father of god to let me meet my true soulmate n my close best frie d n good friends vim not worry about the roomers in my dream don't care.

I saw some1 sneak a book to grab them that maybe could b mine or my true soulmate storymirror book got stolen from the selling books shelves or our friends books I think it could b my book they try to sell that book that I wrote or my book dream n Vision 2 might got stolen again better not this is my vision that I saw while I was closing my eyes.

I saw something in my vision again some1 was by the window grabbing something from who it don't look good I don't know what but I think maybe I saw could b a bank some1 could b at the bank grabbing something I don't know if it good or bad something up in my vision Abba plzz see through who ever getting something that don't belong to them it could be her from the karmic girl try to steal my finance money too I don't know what was it but it look like a bank place which one tho.

Omg what a strange dream n gross there was a big monster that the evil karmic making that kid that wasn mine n my true soulmate kid it was gross n dangerous creatures that was going to kill us it mutant monster that about to eat us then sudden Abba woke us up I was feeling icky in my dream it wasn our kid it was horrible dream.

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