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today is camp. camp night wing. 1948 death of sammy torres. 1962 death of sarah rose. 1999 death of jaiden murry.all the contestants headed to the camp. the constructer greeted them with a pleasent smile and a hand shake. constucter james said " allright camp today we will be doing a circle greeting were go in a circle and say one thing about our selfs and our names" one of the camper started. hi my name is Jameson Jameson modra. hi my name is nick nick drumster. yo my name as jackz. jacks petra. hello my name is suzzie witch is suzzie pedal. uh hi my name is rosie and... this is my... brother mic.. mic.. ..heal. hey bros im Michael Michael pedal. and lastly my name is jaiden murry. now say 1 thing about you self. im Jameson and i like vido games.im nick drumster and i like animals. im jacks and i like koolaid folk. hello im suzzie and i love art. uh im rosie and i like flowers my favourite is a rose. ohh yeah im micheal and i love camping. hi im jaiden and i like horror stuff.

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