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Blog of pokemon chapter 1 and 2

yes the first chapter has started of small and so has 2 i will try to to two chapters a week so make shure to stay tune if you enjoy beacuse its a week i want to add in other stories while doing that one like horror stories fantsy and more topics if you can write in comments of what stories you what and i will try get to you now about the actual story. well it start of with a 10 year old girl who sleeps in for her pokemon adventure this is a reference of the animie indigo legue cara heads to the the pokemon lab and chooses chamander.in the next chapter she heads through the tall grass and runs into gary who is also and reference of pokemon anime. gary incits that they have a pokemon battle. thats where this comes to and end but to spoil you i am going to give you a pokemon witch will be coming to the series could be any charters pokemon. ps dont get your hopes up.well her u go. oh yeah enjoylitten

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