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It's dustpelts birthday and him and his family are going to a hotel for his tenth birthday party

Humour Satire Tout public. © 23

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The party

I'm ready to go. okay let's go. at the hotel. in the pool area. ok time to open your presents. ok. a few minutes later. this present is from me and your brother. a puppy a female. yep. happy birthday. who wants to go swimming. we do. Ruff Ruff. not you. ok you can go swimming. in the pool. 2 days later. at the abandoned train station. dustpelt woke up. having fun trying to get free. mmmmm. let's go. a few minutes later. dustpelt. dustpelt we're coming. I don't think so. one step and he is dead. let him go he is only 10 years old he doesn't deserve this. you should have thought of that after you betrayed me. what do you mean I never betrayed me. you took cinderheart away from me and she is my sister. thornclaw go get dustpelt. don't even think about it, want your son to die. no of course not he means everything to me and you should not be doing this to your nephew. I'm not joking, kill him. noooo, ugh. thornclaw. oh my God I can't believe he just did that. well that is one son down now time for the other one. nightfall no, don't you see what you're about to do, you want to kill a innocent boy just because his father married your sister. yes of course. you can't like he said he is only 10 years old. nightfall what are you doing to my son and FYI this is your neph....cinderheart no. nightfall what have you done you just shot your own sister. actually you didn't, I did. what, how could you she is my sister not did I lose my best friend but you shot the one person I care about most. nightfall fell to the floor crying. nightfall come here. lionheart what are we going to do we have two family members dying. no. dustpelt. there. lionheart caught dustpelt in his arms. Firestar. he's beating him up. darktail stop. nightfall Firestar is dustpelts twin brother he is a minute younger than dustpelt which he is 9 years old. oh God. see you later. thornclaw and your sister aren't hurt. ok. thornclaw get up. where is dustpelt. right here. both of your brothers were beat up. can you get your mother up. yeah I can. thornclaw. cinderheart. nightfall, what happened to Firestar and dustpelt. they were beaten up, their badly injured so were taken t

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