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A warlike princess, a talented archer, self-centered vampires, a brave witch, and a ruthless pirate. Five beings, different worlds, 5 days, and a common villain. They will have to adapt and join forces, so that they planet is not destroyed. Will they manage to put their differences aside? Can they save they planet from darkness? The worst? They were only given five days

Science fiction Voyage dans le temps Tout public. © Todos los derechos son reservados.

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CHAPTER. 1 : "The Letter"


Golden kingdom

-You don't think it's exaggerated?, I mean, fire the gardener because he cut a bush badly?, it's ridiculous

-Not for me,- I said while Amanda, my maid, was squeezing the cream-colored corset over my trunk-

-Anyway, have you talked to Eirene?- He said biting an apple and then making a grin of disgust-

-Why do you want to know if I'm talking to Eirene?

-I think you'd ride

-well, yes, but not now - I said while my maid helped me to put on my cream dress with bulky sleeves and straight neckline -

-I don't know if I like you more with or without clothes.

-As if you had the privilege of seeing me without her.

-I shall, -said he, looking directly at me-

-When I am queen I will forbid you to enter my room.

-Yes, and I am the countess Gabriella.

I roll me eyes

-I thought you didn't want to be queen

-No, but I must be, and I want to get it right

-For that the strange training?

I nodded my head

-Mrs. Charlotte is very strict with punctuality, I wait and do not make me late this time- I said when Amanda left my room-

- Me?

I looked at him

-You may come early, but you are still here -he smiled-

-I have to remind you how he almost broke my arm when I tried to leave?

- It was an accident!


-You're the one who shouldn't be here- I point out-

- but you love that I'm here

I couldn't help smiling

I went to leave a little kiss on those soft lips, but the only thing I got was:

-I have a limit, don't go over it, cerezita

-Can't I kiss you anymore?

-I remind you that the last time you tried you were almost buried underground.

-What? You're gonna bite me - irony -

- I'm considering

I turned my eyes again and walked away, at which he ran the curtain of my window a little and said:

-Someday you will, but not for now

-Will you go in broad daylight? - question before he left -

- do I have other options?

I did not answer

-That's what I thought -he whispered and went out the window, leaving me alone in the room-

┈┈┈┈ ๑ ⋅ ⋯ ୨ ୧ ⋯ ⋅ ๑ ┈┈┈┈

- LILITH!-Listen to charlotte's cry and I hurry down the giant stairs of the palace-

-I'm coming, I'm coming- I screamed as I ran and held my dress so I wouldn't fall from my mouth to the floor-

- where did you stay, girl? -she scolded me and put her hands to the sides of her hips-

-Uhm, sure with that vampire -said Nila, my little sister only 11 years old-

- vampires inside the palace? -the voice of my mother made me not kill my little sister because of what she had said -

-Yes- nila said, shaking her head up and down-

-I have to call Sutra... -I looked at her-... Or is it someone we know?

-He's lilith's boyfriend-

- It's not true! -I defended myself-

- what had we not solved that? -My mother asked me-

I have not answered

-If your father finds out, you won't want to know what he could do- she continued-

-If I may, your majesty - I was surprised by charlotte's kind tone- I think princess Lilith must have bars in her Windows-

- excuse me? -My stupefied mother said-

-Amanda, her maid, told me this morning, but the lady had threatened her because of it, there have been no reports about the visits the princess has- she said.

Damn Amanda is going to pay me

-visitors - she look me- I am beginning to consider the bars

-Mother... Don't you think putting bars on my Windows would deprive me of the little freedom I have to see for myself?

-But if we let you ride a horse, and also go with Eirene to lunch in the yard, do not be a victim now, and finish your classes with miss Charlotte; Then I shall settle the matter of... visitors -she smiled and left, waving her velvety red dress with golden details -

-Well, then,- said charlotte, recovering every day all that is strict and bitter -now, lesson 15 on page 456, how to walk well...

The class was boring, as always, "hiw ti wilk will"

Damn charlotte, because of you my feet hurt now for having bandaged them

I was cursing about my foot pain and Amanda would already see, when the window opened, making way for moonlight and letting my beautiful vampire see

I arrived at a bad time- he looked at me, it was already dark, so I just brought my thin soft fabric tunic that I used to wear to sleep, it was white, platinada, like a pearl, with pink on the edges of both the top and bottom, and only reached my knees, plus I had forgotten to brush my hair and it was a mess-

-Something like that

-Did you now what happend? -He sat on the bed-

Just when he did, next to him I saw a boy about 3 years old, I guess.

-My little brother, his name is Stephano, I wasn't going to bring him but he was insistent and ... - He shrugged-

-Hello- I told stephano- I'm...

-Lilith -interrupted me-

- do you know me? -I asked him, and he nodded -how?

-He may have heard me speak of you -he hastened to say before his younger brother spoke-

- Anyway, -I went back to the subject, what thing happend?

- the letter

-What letter?

-The one that go to the ... -pause- ... 4 kingdoms, said that we should all meet at the statue of the golden Phoenix before midnight

-I didn't know Nothing -I mentioned shocked-

-At the end say that the midnight thing was in consideration with us, and they also signed it with the name Balrog

-When? -I asked-

-Tomolow night -said Stefano, settling into my bed -

-What are you doing -i asked-

-Sleep -he mention obvious- Etra said that I could sleep here because there in my house it was not safe and here it was -he covered himself with my blanket-

I turned to see the vampire who pretended to be interested in the details of my quilt

-Did something happen?- I asked, looking at him although I knew there would be no answer-

-No, -he said indifferently-

I Look at his little brother who was already asleep

-Sure? -i whispered-

-I ... -he continued looking at the golden quilt- ... things are happening ... but nothing to worry about

-You brought your little brother to the surface with the risk of being caught, just to protect him of whatever is happening down there and ... do you want me not to worry

-It's nothing important -he looked at me-

-are you sure?

-Can he stay -change of subject- here tonight -I look at Stefano-

-This and the ones you want until things calm down

-I don't want it to be a nuisance -he touched the back of his neck- I'll come pick it up in the morning, before the sun rises.

I really hugged him, which made him stiffen at first, but after a few seconds he accepted the hug.

Whatever is happening down there, I will find out.

┈┈┈┈ ๑ ⋅ ⋯ ୨ ୧ ⋯ ⋅ ๑ ┈┈┈┈

Zabari Keenstone

High seas

-Do you have the merchandise ready?

-Yes, captain.

-Land in sight," shouted one of my crewmen.

-Everything is ready to arrive at the dock," said another, closing the barrels.

We arrived at the dock and my crewmen started to unload everything, I got off the "siren", my ship, and I was making sure that all the merchandise was well off the ship and we didn't lose any barrels, they were expensive and we didn't have time to go for more.

-Captain Zabari Keenstone," one of the men in charge of guarding the dock called me.

-Hum? -I mumbled-

-By order of the king, you are forbidden to sell your barrels in the Golden City and also to anchor your ship at the dock there.

-What? -All my crew members turned to look at me because of what that Mr. said- -What do you mean, forbidden?

-You have to withdraw and sell your... You have to retire and sell your barrels in another port, because the one in Golden City is no longer available.

-I can't leave, we already unloaded everything," I mentioned pointing to the barrels with seafood inside.

-It's not my problem, I'm just following orders

Damn buffoon

If I leave, I want to be paid for everything we already unloaded! I won't leave empty-handed!

-Oh, of course not," I smiled triumphantly, "you'll leave with your barrels," my smile fell silent.

Annoyed, I gave the order to return everything to the ship.

-GET EVERYTHING BACK! -I shouted furiously-

-AGGGG! -they all complained-

I was getting on the mermaid, when that buffoon stopped me.

-CAPTAIN-I shouted-

I rolled my eyes -What do you want now?

-I have this for you," he held out a letter with a red seal that made it stay closed.

I took it- Thank you

I boarded the siren and a few minutes later all my crew members were already on it.

I gathered them all on deck to read the letter that the damned jester had given me to read

-Dear crew of the Siren, it is a pleasure to greet and welcome you to the Statue of the Golden Phoenix before midnight tomorrow.

I am sure you will have some doubts, but, they will be solved there.

I look forward to your presence, Captain

Att: Balrog

I finishing the read the letter

-How is Balrog, Captain? -asked Rew, one of my crew members-

-I don't know -I answered, looking at the letter -but we'll find out tomorrow - I pointed to the letter-

┈┈┈┈ ๑ ⋅ ⋯ ୨ ୧ ⋯ ⋅ ๑ ┈┈┈┈

Kaan Legolas

Aeron Hill, Kingdom of the Elves.

-Father, - I said, entering his office.

-What is it now? -he answered looking through the window behind his desk, there you could see everything that was going on outside.

-A letter has arrived - I said pointing to it.

-I heard about it -He said in a scratchy voice.

-We have been sent to the statue of the golden Phoenix before midnight tomorrow, it said it was important.

-Who sent it? -he asked looking at me.

-It was signed with the name of Balrog - I said handing him the letter.

-Balrog? -he mentioned with a start- -Tell the troops to get ready, tomorrow there will be a battle if you say that Balrog sent it, I don't think we are the only ones who received it.

-Who is Balrog? -question-

-That, my son, you will find out tomorrow night.


-Kaan -he interrupted me -go and do what I told you to do.

-fine -I said reluctantly and went out of there.

I have spent my whole life on the hill because the Golden Kingdom and our hill have always been at war.

So my father has forbidden us elves to leave this place.

It would be exciting to go out for the first time after seventeen years.

Golden Phoenix, get ready because if there is war be sure that Kaan Legolas will be there.

┈┈┈┈ ๑ ⋅ ⋯ ୨ ୧ ⋯ ⋅ ๑ ┈┈┈┈

Kainda Mounrock

Dragon Coast

-Dear witches and wizards, as the person in charge of our colony here on the dragon coast, it is my duty to inform you that a certain Balrog has located us tomorrow at midnight in the golden Phoenix.

-Who is Balrog? -asked one of the crowd.

-Barlog," corrected my mother.

-Are we leaving the Dragon Coast? -spoke a green witch.

-We've all been placed.

-What about the order King Harold gave us about entering the golden kingdom? -mentioned another witch.

-Yes, he said that if we entered he would kill us in the hose," spoke an old wizard.

-What will happen to the children," they began to wonder.

-And the babies?

-We won't be able to get out

It was a mess, we could only listen to the unintelligible words that everyone was saying, until my mother decided to put things in order.

-That's what I wanted to talk about -she said once silence reigned in the forest- we don't have to call attention, we will pretend to be villagers, and once we get to the Phoenix, we will reveal our identity.

-And the children, what will happen to them?

-Not all of us will go, only the committee, the others will stay to put order here and when we return we will tell them what happened, is there anyone in disagreement?

Nobody said anything

-Well, that's what I thought, have a nice day.

She left in the direction of the meeting room

What a great day to be part of the committee!

World get ready because Kainda Mounrock was about to leave the prison she had lived in all her life and called home.

● ● ●

And so it was that the four kingdoms awaited midnight the next day to be able to satisfy their doubts about the blissful stranger called Balrog, who had placed them in the Golden Phoenix, the place to declare peace between the kingdoms.

But not everything would go according to the plan that some of them had.

One thought that it was a declaration of war, another that it was only important and some did not even know what they were facing.

They did not know that everything would change after that night.

In fact, everything changed when they received that letter.

The letter that was more of an invitation to hell for those who would be elected that night...

...The night of the Phoenix...


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