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Finally starting to write ✍

So I begin this journey with an explanation of the cover picture. Like the moon our writing goals can seem so far away, we begin with great expectations and slowly get ground down with life experiences. Take me for example my first true work of fiction was when I was twelve years old. I had wrote a eighty-five page story of a spy, at the time there was an excitement a real heartfelt moment that I had achieved my master piece. I look back now and smile because obviously it was probably unreadable, spelling mistakes punctuation errors,which I still make today. The thing is that excitement that feeling is so hard to get back once your out in the real world you just get on with living and everything you wanted to do takes second place. I got back into writing because one;I really did want to do it at some point and 2; the range of apps, online help, videos is immense.

I can't believe how you are all of a sudden drawn back into doing something like drawing writing or whatever as taken your fancy again.

I suppose its because the ideas have built up over the years and now it's time for them to come to fruition.

And it's wonderful like a new lease of life a chance to finally fulfil a dream, long live this moment and hopefully there will be books galore at the end.

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