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The Day that Came Unexpected

On 04 Sept was on Saturday when i lost my great grandmother.I just woken up,and my grandma tell me that she is visiting her sister.In my mind i just say 'so early!what's wrong with her'?.Then i said"Okay no problem,i will come after i get bath.

I ate my breafast,on this side I'm busy making my bed.After 5 minutes i bathed.After i bathed and everthing is sorted,um ready to go at my great grandmother's place. Then boom!my dad came in crying.I asked my self what's going with him.He then tells me that granny passed away.I asked him"Which granny are you talking about?"He then tells me that your granny passed away just now.

After he told me that,i rushed into my room to get my shoes then i just disappear.When i got at my great grandmother's house,i saw a harse,i cried inside not shouting because there were people out there crying load.Then my granny tell me that i know that she was sick,so we have to accept that she's no more with us.I walked slowly going inside the house thinking about this,"ny great grandmother is no more!whom will i tickle?whom will i play with?".I was so sad and heartbroken,never thought this day would come just unexpected.

When i got home,i remembered one day i dreamed of her when she passes away,but i thought was a just a dream.

The next day,on Monday my grandma went to look for a coffin and also arrange the funeral.But things didn't go as we expected because at the hospital,we were told that my great grandmother has covid-19.But knowing that wasn't true at all.When she cqme back from the hospital,we couldn't hold our selfs because we knew that they were going to refuse if we want to see our great grandmother's body before we go to bury her,but luckily they did allow us to see the body.

Here comes on surtuday on funeral.Heart brokens,crying non-stop.But we know that she will rest in pace and she will always be the best great grandmother ever.

When we come back to the grave yard,we served the people who attended the funeral without any gut about Covid-19,were so many people supported us in good and bad times,the people who you shouod keep them forever in your life.

It was hard to accept her death,but was God's will and he had a reason why she left us unexpected,left us with broken peaces


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